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  1. Hi Andy, yes I read that. So I guess what we are relying on is that their application for Fast Track superseded the need to comply as the court hearing date would not go ahead due to the application for FT. maybe clutching at straws here
  2. Hi Andy, he received it in so much it was in the Moneyclaim online account which he never logged into, so didn't see it. Witness statement, I was referring to replying to their Witness Statements for the actual court hearing that they sent in previously in February. Now, does it matter less that he didn't return this form given that they applied for Fast Track instead, therefore the original hearing was never going to happen?
  3. Hi @Andyorch he found the document, it was in the Moneyclaim online account, which he hadn't checked as he wasn't expecting documents through that, probably because other stuff was sent through the post or email. Obviously the hearing never went ahead as they applied to have it moved to Fast Track. Is it too late to submit a witness statement in response to their witness statement? 187MC148-Judge-Directions-Order.pdf
  4. Thanks Andy, I’m travelling back from Scotland so will take all this in tomorrow and revert back to him and come back to you. as usual your help is very much appreciated
  5. Hi @AndyorchHe can’t remember and can’t find any paperwork and neither does he remember the form, useless I know. so if he hasn’t, is there anything we can do or is it game over ?
  6. Good question and I have messaged and asked him, I doubt he will remember and would of thought that he would of done anything when asked. He did submit evidence I believe, but will check. If he hasn't I guess he's in trouble right ?
  7. Hi Andy, I've asked him, he cannot remember either way. So, would he have received that through the post? Does it have a form number? If he hasn't is it game over? They made their application for fast track before that was due. Just trying to grasp where we are, he has a learning disability so getting info out of him is not easy as he's easily confused.
  8. Hi @Andyorch, attached is the full document, I have messaged him and asked if there was also a N244 App4Strike.pdf Funny how one minute the case is so complicated that it needs to go to fast track and now its so simple that its obvious it should be struck out.
  9. And thinking about the Strike out application, it comes straight after their derisory £1k off to settle, maybe they thought using a strike out was a good tool to get them to accept the offer?
  10. I’m just out at the moment , but will when I get in this evening as it won’t accept a photo from my phone
  11. @Andyorchhi Andy, I suspected they would, they have now applied to have the case struck out
  12. Thanks Andy, he swiftly rejected the offer but extended his settlement of £5500 for the next 7 days.
  13. Hi @Andyorch, so he recieved a letter from their legal manager today, see attached. What are your thoughts and is it relevant that they haven't used "Without Prejudice" on it? Solartherm offer.pdf
  14. Ok, so he made himself available for the phone meeting today which he was called. The defendants "legal manager" was there also who confirmed they were withdrawing their application. However, he did say they were intending on making an application for something else, but didn't say what, so not sure what that will be?
  15. So perhaps their only chance was of gaining it was from no response from the claimant to the application
  16. Yes, im not sure what point in the witness statement I wrote for him made them change their mind, but they did. Maybe they will come back with a settlement offer.
  17. Hey @Andyorch, my friend sent the witness statement in based on what I messaged you after I made a few amendments. Within an hour their solicitor emailed him and the court back and withdraw their application for fast track.
  18. And also, his reply, does that have to be delivered to the court or by email? The defended sent his to my friend by email, or online? not sure if the same goes to the court or what? Also, is their a fee?
  19. @Andyorch Hi Andy, he received more documents today, see attached. So, tomorrow isTuesday, how can he serve the documents before hand? By email ? cover letter to claimant.pdf supporting statement for application hearing.pdf
  20. Thanks Andy, I have asked him to send any letters he has from the court over to me so I can check the details on everything. yep sorry, it’s a telephone hearing
  21. Thanks Andy, I will double check his paperwork but pretty sure I am right with the dates. i think he is out of time to submit a response. the hearing is on Wednesday, he received their disclosure on Friday. he obviously sat on their application for some considerable time, i wish he had come to me before he even sent the POC in, always had great advice on here from you guys.
  22. @Andyorch cant get the file size down, so link here https://we.tl/t-BjksduQcLg
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