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  1. Hi DX. Had previously disputed the transaction with the credit card company to no avail. I have now put in a Section 75 claim against the credit card company itself. Probably I should have done this in the first place! Thank you. Regards,
  2. Hi dx, Thank you for your reply. We paid by credit card. We lodged a dispute with the credit card company who said we had no grounds to do so. So we have hit a brick wall down that avenue and was therefore seeking advice as to how to proceed. Regards.
  3. Hi all, It's been a while since I last posted. We were due to fly LHR - Mex - Lap (return) with AeroMexico on May 2nd. The flights were booked with Netflights (owned by dnata). We have requested a refund from Netflights who have stated they will only issue our refund when (and if) they receive a refund from AeroMexico. Can anybody tell me who my contract of sale is with, Netflights or the airline? Is this even relevant? Who should be refunding me? Thank you for any help. Regards.
  4. Yaesu

    Catalogue Query

    Thanks for your reply Wino. Y
  5. Yaesu

    Catalogue Query

    Hi Guys Wanted some help with the approach to the following problem. The wife ordered some items from a catalogue company that she has been using for years without issue. She is and always has been in good standing with them. Unfortunately the items were not quite what was expected so she arranged for the items to be collected for credit. The items are still appearing on her statements despite being returned. She has challenged them as to why the items are appearing on her statement still. The catalogue company in question say they have done a "trace" and cannot find the items. They have asked for a photocopy of the collection chitty........... Yep, you've guessed it!!!! The wife cannot find the said chitty and infact swears the collection agent never gave her one (or the chitty) Whats the best way to approach this as it's their word against ours. Many thanks in advance. Y
  6. Aldershot & Farnham County Court, case stayed. Y
  7. I have successfully claimed for a 2nd time against Natwest. Follow the same procedure as before. Y
  8. Yaesu

    AQ question

    Thank you hedgey! Y
  9. Thank you indeed Saintly! Has anyone been to court with Barclays yet, and did they attend? Cheers Y
  10. Hi guys. I am currently helping a friend bring 2 claims against Barclays. (one for himself and one for his mother). He has received court hearing dates for both claims at Middlesbrough County Court. Is it likely that Barclays will pay up, or do they go "all the way"? I get the distinct feeling that he will have to go to court and state his case. If indeed barclays do go all the way, do they normally attend? Thank you for your replies and advice. Y
  11. Yaesu

    AQ question

    Hi guys. My question is this, if the Allocation Questionaire stage is "skipped", do you still have to pay the £100.00 fee? Thanks Y
  12. I have a similar problem. I am helping a friend bring a 2 claims against Barclays (one for him and one for his mother). He has returned from holiday to find a letter from the court service saying that because he neither returned the Allocation Questionaire or paid a further £100.00 court fees one of his claims would be struck out. The thing is he neither received an AQ or a request for payment. Any advice? Thanks Y
  13. I cannot stand that woman! She talks so much bull****! Y
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    I have signed, but then again I have signed many. Y
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