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  1. Hi, I am acting as a witness for a friend. She works 20hrs/week, but these are spread across 3 shifts over an week. My question is, without contracted days, how will she know what she should be being paid whilst on suspension. Due to the nature of the investigation, the suspension is into the second week, and the disciplinary hearing is scheduled for Wed. How much should she have been paid, as I guess they could argue she would be paid from Thurs this week! I would guess you divide 20 by 7, and times by the number of days on suspension that week? Cheers!
  2. Congrats you mad man!!!! Well done on a victory we all knew you had, and at last Barclays realised too!!! Spend wisely, and if you can't spend wisely, sue another bank to cover it! Stick around though - you must have a Credit Card that needs seeing too!!!! Peter
  3. Back from hols peeps! Never fear I am here - lol Tez - WELL DONE!!!! See it's as easy as taking candy from a big fat baby!!!
  4. Staple the cheque to the letter, and write the cheque number on the letter. For example, ...I enclose a cheque for £10, cheque number 12345, as per, bla bla bla... There's not much else you can do! Peter
  5. Well bugger mee, if ol' Greeny didn't send me a letter. It's identical to the copy above, so you can double cross (no pun intended!) him off the list
  6. Ohhh goody Does that mean I will have a letter waiting for me too!!???!!! I doubt it... But then who knows, I may be as lucky as Cazza! Peter
  7. Hi Painty, Any chance of a helping hand! I am after the CCard CCI spreadsheet - can you email me one. I seem to remember you have it hidden away up north! Thanks in advance Peter you should have my email addy
  8. Hi BW. My T&Cs from BCard don;t have any mention of charges (I CCA'd them) does this have any actual meaning to my case do you think? My BCard was opened in 2000. Cheers Peter
  9. Don't do anything now. If you haven't had the money in your hands by the court date, take your bundle and the judgement letter and go to court. I think the judge will be with you on this one, so a stay seems the less likely option. If you do get the money through before the date, notifyb the court by phone and in writing asap If you hear from Bs but not with money, keep your correspondence and show to the judge. If Bs are ringing to confirm payment, tell them they need to get this done asap. You'll be fine Tez, just stick with what you know. TBH, your thread is so full o
  10. Hi, anyone care to comment on this: This was part of a CCA sent by BCard. The CCA part was the usual application form, and the T&Cs had the above. This seems strange as it doesn't actually give any indication of what the interest rate is under the CCA. I am right in thinking that this means one of the prescribed terms is actually missing, and therefore can be the basis for the arguement, not ignoring the fact that the T&Cs are not signed, that the application form is only signed by the consumer and not the card issuer. This is pre 2004 (2000 to be exact).
  11. Thanks for your comments, and having read through them and checked them against what i have written and the report, can see that much of what you have said makes sense. My issue is with how this can all be articulated in the forms so judges can see clear differences between CCard and Overdraft claims. The BCard forum is slowly filling up with stays, and I believe this is in the most part because the standardised text has been used, so to a judge there is no difference in the arguiments. I would be grateful if you could think of ways in whcih the form could be bettered, although this
  12. Ok, just to finish the Barclays story, I went in the other day and closed ALL Barclays accounts, including savings and ISAs. The girl asked me why I was closing, and I said, in no uncertain terms, that I have just finished a court claim with the bank, which I won, and now don't feel I can trust the bank. I said that since Barclays has been found to be a bank with a culture of dishonesty and customer disregard, I feel my money is better off somewhere else. The nice thing was the queue of people behind me who all looked rather shocked at what I was saying, and some definate blushes fr
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