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  1. No I didn't inform them because it was only temporary and my registered address was my dads just 4 houses up the street. They send every letter there except the ccj court letters. Anyway I am nearly completed on applying for a dro just have to pay on Monday so it won't be an issue then. Thanks to everyone who posted much appreciated
  2. It's says on my credit file 24th July the ccj was posted. Surely they should at least send the letter using the address I was at when I got the card?
  3. Hi Everyone Sorry if this is in wrong place. I have just checked my credit report today and seen a ccj issued against me from Drydens Fairfax. I have spoke to the court and its for an MBNA credit card. However on my credit file the address is one I lived at for 6 months and not where I lived when I got the credit card. I lost my mum and my job and got into debt 8 years ago. I have been trying to get straight ever since which has been going well. I have never received any letters regarding this debt for years and nothing has been sent to the address where I lived when I got the credit card which is my dads address. I am now besides myself with worry. I have a new live with my partner, I have been paying off what I owe and now I have found out about this. Q1 How could I respond when they used an address I was only in for 6 months and not where I lived when I took out the credit card? Why didn't they use the address I lived at when I took out the card What do I do now I am so worried theyll send bailiffs to my dads house
  4. no it doest say anything about a restricted road. I thought because the nip didn't say what the speed limit was. It might make it void. Thanks for all your help
  5. B1644 Whetley Hill, Bradford (bidirectional) near Lincoln rd.
  6. No I only got the ticket yesterday. But I am unable to drive that way now from work as they've implemented a one way system. I can drive in that way which I did this morning. I had Google maps on and no such Rd name came up.
  7. Hi Honeybee yes of course. Yes I have reason to believe that. Simply because the rd speeds change regularly from 30mph to 40mph and back
  8. Hi I recently got a new job having lost mine during corona virus. I have been driving into a Bradford which I've never done and can honestly says it's chaos. although I thought I was being really careful, but I've received a speeding ticket for doing 38mph but on the NIP it doesn't actually say what the speed limit on that rd is. Could I contest this?
  9. Hi Everyone My girlfriend leased a car on the advice of a previous boyfriend, not really knowing what she was getting into. Unfortunately she now realizes what a mistake it was and that she really cannot afford it working as a healthcare assistant and on a low income. she is really struggling/stressed and i just wondered if anyone has any advice as to how she can end this agreement? without it costing her a fortune? Thanks Mark
  10. just to update I received 100% of my compensation today paid in full by the fscs. Probably better you don't give advice when you have clearly no idea
  11. Thank you for your advice, but having done my research, the FSCS was set up to protect people like me should a financial institution go bust. My claim was settled apart from actually receiving my money and in this case the FSCS will be paying my claim in full.
  12. Gale AG are the insurers according to my solicitor. I am assuming they're part of Ageas because they were the insurers on the companies insurance certificate
  13. Hi everyone I hope somebody here could just give me a little more information about my issue below? On the 8th of November my solicitor accepted on my behalf a compensation payout for an injury sustain in a previous job. I was told monies should be received by them within 14 days and then once the cheque had cleared the monies would be sent to me via bacs. They hadn't received the money within the 14 days (22nd Nov) when I enquire my solicitors secretary said it had been followed up and I would be notified once they received it. However today I received an email from my solicitor saying she had been actively chasing the monies and has been notified the insurers have gone into liquidation. However my compensation is covered by the financial services compensation scheme, and they they will be paying the monies. I just want to know if this is normal and if i will receive the full amount, also what sort of timescale I'm looking at? any help would be great thanks Mark
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