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  1. I have shown the credit opened date where poss if not I've put the date it was taken over. EOS £409 - Grattans catalogue- 2010 Cabot £441- Next - 17/6/1994 Lowell £4068 - Barclays overdraft -20/7/2004 Cabot £4078 - Black horse finance- 20/11/2007 Capquest £100 Orange mobile- 2009 Robinson Way £5517 - Barclaycard - 2010 Thanks for your help
  2. Here is the breakdown EOS £409 Cabot £441 Lowell £4068 Cabot £4078 Capquest £100 Robinson Way £5517 and there is £355 to virgin media but in 2015 got a letter saying the agency wasn't collecting the debt anymore so no idea what to do . Been in touch with Virgin and they have no record of the debt this is affecting my credit rating the rest dont show. Thanks for your help
  3. I will get all the bills out and post. I'm paying people like Lowell and capquest.
  4. I have some really old debts that i have been paying off on £2 to £5 basis these don't appear on my credit file as i have checked. Should i offer them 10% of what i owe to settle the debt ? The largest is £4000 who did write ages ago offering me to settle it for £500. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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