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  1. Hi yes everything is in my name solely including all the bills , mortgage and deeds mine only.
  2. There was nothing put down in stone, it was just a I'll give you this much a month towards the bills.
  3. I have been living with my boyfriend for 9 years and he moved in with me and my children now 22 and 17 into my house that I own. He has paid me money every month towards food etc. Now we are splitting up and he wants half the equity in the house which is about £120k. He hasn't paid for anything to be done to the house like a conservatory etc. What is the law regarding this ? I got hung out to dry by my ex hubby and don't want the same to happen again. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi I've sent off to virgin media and have heard nothing back what should I do now? Thanks
  5. I have worked for the same company for 5 years and was employed as an analyst. Last June there were talks that my job would be automated when I spoke to.my boss he assured me my job was safe. Move on to Feb this year and someone on another dept was leaving so I got offered the role. Behind the scenes what was playing out was my boss had got demoted by two and had two new bosses to report into . While my boss was on holiday his boss came in to see me and basically told me if I didn't take the job I would be made redundant although he now denies having that conversation with me. I took the role on the understanding I was to only do some of the other persons role after all she got paid 18k more than me. Now I've started I've got to do my old role until they find someone else and all.of the new role. I feel like I'm being used, underpaid and I just want out of here.
  6. Yes the default would of been 2011/12 first letter I got is dated Aug 2012 when I made an offer of £5 a month. How do I get it off Clearscore ? Thanks
  7. I had a virgin media account back in 2010 this was passed to BPO in Sept 2012 where I agreed £5 a month and paid it . This was then passed to SRJ in Feb 2013 again carried on paying £5a month then on June 2015 i got a letter to say that they were no longer instructed in this matter and to contact the original debtor. Spoke to Virgin who knew nothing about it. However I've just checked my credit score on Clearscore and it is showing as a debt I never pay . Whst should I do ?
  8. I have shown the credit opened date where poss if not I've put the date it was taken over. EOS £409 - Grattans catalogue- 2010 Cabot £441- Next - 17/6/1994 Lowell £4068 - Barclays overdraft -20/7/2004 Cabot £4078 - Black horse finance- 20/11/2007 Capquest £100 Orange mobile- 2009 Robinson Way £5517 - Barclaycard - 2010 Thanks for your help
  9. Here is the breakdown EOS £409 Cabot £441 Lowell £4068 Cabot £4078 Capquest £100 Robinson Way £5517 and there is £355 to virgin media but in 2015 got a letter saying the agency wasn't collecting the debt anymore so no idea what to do . Been in touch with Virgin and they have no record of the debt this is affecting my credit rating the rest dont show. Thanks for your help
  10. I will get all the bills out and post. I'm paying people like Lowell and capquest.
  11. I have some really old debts that i have been paying off on £2 to £5 basis these don't appear on my credit file as i have checked. Should i offer them 10% of what i owe to settle the debt ? The largest is £4000 who did write ages ago offering me to settle it for £500. Any advice would be great. Thanks
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