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  1. It's not a fine but an unenforceable invoice. You do not owe them a penny, it is a [problem]. Ignore them and do not contact them, they will send a few threatening letters before giving up.
  2. As a driver, I would advise him to refuse to drive an overloaded vehicle. VOSA take overloading seriously. If they sacked him he would have a very good case for a tribunal.
  3. Stop worrying. Every one of their victims gets these letters. They will not be going anywhere near a court, as they know they would lose.
  4. Perky, I have a drawer full of PPC invoices. Why haven't I been to court yet? And who is "HER MAGESTY"???
  5. Can't agree with that bit. Why should insurance companies benefit? They make enough profit already.
  6. Its not a fine!! Its a [problem]. Ignore it and they will go away.
  7. Virtually all "appeal failed" posts are from people who come here after receiving the standard "Appeal Rejected" letter. You get the odd one who is advised not to appeal but still does, then comes back saying it has failed. I am a member of 3 parking forums and the number of allowed appeals compared with rejected ones is minute, most of these being obvious publicity stunts. Which ppc do you work for by the way?
  8. Private parking companies never allow appeals, as you have found out. They wouldnt make any money if they did. What you need to do now is IGNORE all correspondence from UKPC, some of which will purport to come from "debt collectors" and "solicitors", threatening all sorts of dire consequences if you dont pay up. Dont worry about any of it, it is all a [problem]. They will eventually give up.
  9. Thats good. When you said you'd emailed them I assumed you had told them who you were. If you are the RK you will soon start receiving rubbish through the post. Now you know what to do with it!
  10. You should not have contacted them, you have saved them £2.50 for the registered keepers details from the DVLA, and you will now be on the "hooked fish" list, meaning that they will take longer to leave you alone. They will tell you that your appeal has been rejected. From now on IGNORE all correspondence from them, their so called debt collectors and their dodgy "solicitors". Do not contact them again, it is a [problem].
  11. Unfortunately you have lost your money, but you will know better next time! Ignore it. Parking Eye are useless even by ppc standards, they give up after three letters.
  12. Its just a standard letter that they send to everyone, I have a drawer full of them. Carry on ignoring, and DO NOT contact them.
  13. Before a bailiff can be instructed all the following has to happen: 1 They take you to court. 2 They win. 3 You still refuse to pay. It's all scare tactics. Ignore them.
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