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  1. thanks for that after re reading the letter it says the will take me to court and ask the court to enforce the debt by instructing a bailiff to wheel clamp and remove the above named vehicle or and any car registerd to me and held until the fine is paid just abit worrying?
  2. Hi to my suprise after been a customer in a local fish shop i got a £60 fine plus £3 aday charge if i didnt pay within 10 days which is now up so im getting a big fine after the first letter i told them it wasnt me driving the car but my ex i then get a letter "2nd notice" saying the are gonna come and clamp the car and take it away then take me to court i have been too the shop and suprise they dont keep cctv footage when i try speak to ukcps all they can say is "see you in court you dont know the laws" can anyone help me on this and what do i do????
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