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  1. Hi Slick132, My wife received exactly the same letter as Otisan received (T&C and without signature / signature box)after 3 months of requesting the True Copy of CCA. On the first post of this thread showing the 1st page of BC statement which states 2) There may be omitted from any such copy - (b) Any signature box, signature or date of signature ... Does it mean if the BC have fullfilled their obligation under 1974 cca? even by sending "reconstituted copy" WITHOUT SIGNATURES ? My wife received the same letter T&C from BC in Oct.10 bearing her name and the address
  2. Hello again Slick, there are 2 set of letters received, in A4 envalope contains 2 letters both from Northampton, one letter dated 21st Oct. which seems to be the responce to my request for CCA copy (they sent T&C) and the 2nd letter dated 22nd Oct. is the explainations and responce to complaint i made. The 2nd letter is in a small envalope dated 21st Oct. and is from BC, PO Box 9131, 51 Saffron Rd. Leicester LE18 9DE. In this letter all it says please see the T&C enclosed with this letter. This T&C has NO name or address of my wife on it. Very confusing for us. Would you ple
  3. Hello Slick, we have received reply from the BC and they have sent Terms & Conditions. The heading is "BarclayCard Conditions" and on the next line in small prints it has my wife's name and the address of my wife's parents Abroad. My wife been in UK since 2005 and her non-UK passport had her parents address. BC has pointed out 2 statements in their reply (Ref: Cancellation Notices & copies of Documents) Regulations 1983 "CNC Regulations". This seems to be important so I need to undersatnd in depth as i have no knowledge in these things. "(1) Subject to the following pro
  4. Hi Slick, been to the bank today and the manager put his hands up saying he can not do anything about this matter, it has to be delt by the Head Office. Anyway I have sent recorded delivery and also e-mailed to complaints in HO. Now waiting to get reply from HO and will update as soon as I have a reply from them but dont know when i will get reply.
  5. Hi Slick, Thank you so much for the reply and advice. I have written all in my initial message about requesting CCA, Yes i did write to BarclayCard requesting CCA with £1 cheque. Then again on 01/09/10 as a reminder. Both times the request was sent as recorded delivery and were accepted (checked on royal mail site). Just now I was editing the letter from the link you provided and planing to hand in personally to the branch and obtain reciept proof. will let you know the outcome after the bank visit. Thanks again
  6. Thank you all for the advice, for surely my wife will transfere to other bank. But in the mean time I will write to BB HQ to complaint and asking to refund the £47/-. I checked the statements but did not fing Barclay Bank HQ address. Would you be able to pass me the address ? Thank you
  7. Hello guys, I will get direct to the point. In the past my wife went over the agreed limit on Visa BarclayCard. Agreed limit was £250/- and she went up to £420/-. Due to financial hardship she agreed to pay £6/- pm direct to BarclayCard to bring the account to normal. A direct debit was setup from her barclay bank account to pay toward the Visa BarclayCard. It carried on nearly a year like this and after reading some coments on this site she sent a recorded delivery letter with £1/- check on 16th July 10 asking BarclayCard to provide a true copy of Comsumer Credit Act. BarclayCard never repli
  8. Thank you unclebulgaria, No i have not spoken or asked for help from Home Insurers. I tried to look for category Home Insurers but could not find it. Any chance of letting me know under what category I would find it. Thanks
  9. Hello Guys, we just found ourselves in problem with the insurance firm. The story is we bought a Glass table from Harveys in April 2008 and with it bought the insurance too for 5 yrs (please see the attached cert front and back). Nearly 2 wks a go I was trying to cover the hole in the ceiling and by doing so the lader wobbled and during this the hamer dropped on the table which chipped the glass size of 10 pence and few very small cracks around it. I phoned the Insurance firm (Leather Master) and explained the incident. They arranged for the technician to visit on 23rd Sept. On 22nd Sept. whi
  10. Hello kurvaface thanks for replying, what is the prescribed time for the creditors ?
  11. Thank you guys for the advice. I require some info on similar matter. As i mentioned in my 1st post that my wife ran some bills which I could not afford to carry on paying due to change in my employment from full time to part time. Creditors started demanding repayments which also included threats if we dont cough up money. I, on behalf of my wife wrote to 7 creditors with budget sheet given by CAB offering each creditor £2 a month which they accepted as they had no choice and I started paying them direct debit. My query is that we did NOT ask any of the creditors or their agents to provi
  12. Thank you Spamheed, i do feel like sending them a photocopied fiver. Thanks again for your advice and reply.
  13. Hello people, I am here to get some advice and to know what would / should be our next step. My wife had a New Look card and ran the bill up to £100 which is not a lot but then suddenly we went in to hardship, i work as part time, she unemployed and have 3 kids under 8yrs. My wife or I could not pay as she ran some huge bills on other cards for which I end up paying min amount towards those cards. New Look had pass this matter to IKANO who demanded us to pay. i searched in to this forum and then wrote a letter to IKANO asking to provide us as a proof the copy of credit agreement form on
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