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  1. So would you say they have fulfilled my request? If so, what would I do next? They have added a lot of interest etc. to the account whilst i thought the account was in dispute but they didn't so it would be a shame to just give up after so long and start paying up, especially with all these added costs. If legislations have now changed how come every single DCA have abandoned this debt as soon as I send in a letter? The only people left pushing this debt is Barclaycard themselves, after it has been passed several rounds of their DCA's.
  2. Letter dated 1 Feb as stated in previous letter is: (There's 2 pages missing, but it's the standard conditions that I've received from them a million times before... Still, nothing with a signature.) This has been going on for so long now and I have no response to this, any templates left that I might not have used? Or is there a way I can put an end to this a little quicker, because, whilst I was quite confident with what i was doing in the beginning, this has now become such an outdrawn process and I'm am losing confidence/will to carry on with this somewhat..
  3. This is the latest letter I received from BC. It's a new one that I haven't received so far. However, debt companies have ALL stopped contacting me. After I ask for my CCA request from them, they all stop harassing and pass me on to the next DCA. I don't think there's any left which is why BC have suddenly gotten themselves involved again. Any ideas what I can reply to this??
  4. Well, I don't know if it is any help in your case, but I complained and complained. The little lady from Homeserve finally said in an email that this is what heppens to imitation leather sofas. That opened up a whole can of worms since BAYV insisted they were selling us a real leather sofa. I got in touch with Trading Standards and all of a sudden I had apology letters from Homeserve with a voucher for a new sofa and a phone call from BAYV company director offering me a real leather sofa.. So, to shut me up, I was given two sofas... yay! My advice to you is that you should complain and state your case until you get a real response from someone. You paid for this extra insurance so make sure you are given your money's worth.. But I did find that a threat from Trading Standards made them a bit jumpy.
  5. And also, should they not have a copy of the CCA if they now hold the account?
  6. Since my CCA request was ignored by Barclaycard, I sent a request to Moorcroft who now hold the account. Today I received a response saying the following: "...we duly confirm that we have requested the relevant documentation from our client and once received we will duly forward the same to you. Meanwhile, we duly confirm that all collection activity on the account has been put on hold and we will not seek to enforce payment of this debt until such time as the documentation has been supplied or we have advised you to the contrary. In the meantime, however, we believe that it may be of assistance to all parties if we also take this opportunity to ensure that any potential areas of dispute are addressed prior to any possible court action or further investigation. To this end can you provide an indication of the information you will be relying upon, when giving evidence to the court or information to the relevant statutory authorities in relation to the alleged subject matter of this account. Please could you provide this information by return as this will ensure that all possible areas of dispute are identified as quickly as possible thereby minimizing potential costs and delays.." Can somebody help me with a response to this letter. They are asking me to reply, but I cant really work out what it is I need to reply??? Thank you
  7. My Barclaycard dispute has been ongoing for a year now and I have been told I am being taken to court. Can somebody clarify what I should have been sent when I requested my CCA so I dont look like a tit when I take this further??? So far I have been sent terms & conditions and a letter saying this is a 'true copy'. As far as i was aware a true copy includes the interest and my signature. That, I have not received. So for a year, Barclaycard & the hundreds of debt companies have ignored my dispute letters. Should I let this go to court or is there more letters to send??? I have sent disputes, harrassment letters... everything I can think of.
  8. I should probably let you know what happened next... Great News!! I complained and complained and just kept getting the same answers, that they made a mistake bla bla. Anyways, I was watching the gadget show and they said there was some website with all the CEO email addresses on it. So that is what I did, I emailed the CEO. The next day a woman phoned saying that there was in fact a mistake on the account and I actually only had to pay £50!! Now £300 is a pretty big mistake if you ask me, but luckily I will not have to pay this. I dont remember this website, but just Google CEO email addresses or something and it should come up. I cannot recommend this enough, but am still pretty angry how their complaints department couldn't have sorted this in the first place!!
  9. I understand what you are saying, but should it really be that bad to contact somebody by phone? After all, i just thought I was doing the right thing and clearing my debt. In hindsight obviously this was wrong. But am now in the position where i am asking what to do next.
  10. I paid over the phone and referred to the offer. The girl on the phone still kept saying there was £500 left to pay however, and had to keep telling her about the offer I was sent. She would have none of it and tried to get me to sign up to direct debits, standing orders, get all my details... you name it she wanted it from me! I had to end the call as she wouldn't listen and was just following her scripts and thought I was better off getting through to them by letter instead.
  11. Yeah, and its all cleared. Now its just an issue of this coming back to haunt me. Thought this was all cleared and paid off. It was one of the nicest feelings to file away these papers for good and not having to deal with it anymore. Nothing is ever as good as it seems I suppose.
  12. Back in July I got a letter confirming a full and final settlement from Lowells to pay off my Littlewoods account. I had to pay the £800 by 25th July. However, my father passed away and obviously had other things to think about. But I made the full payment a few weeks later in August. Because of the delay I wrote to them telling them the reason for the delayed payment and asking for a written confirmation that the account was cleared. As I never heard from them, I assumed all was fine and I had done the good thing and cleared one of my debts!! This morning I got another letter (1st I heard from them since my payment) saying I owe a further £500. Phoned them and they said is was because I did not pay in time. Can they do this and how would I go about disputing this? My letters obviously dont get answered there and when I phone its just some 18 year old idiot on the phone who doesnt know what hes talking about.
  13. Our car got repossessed a few months back. When this happened I phoned the hire purchase place to see what the next steps would be to clear the debt. They said the car would be sold at auction and the price of that would be taken off the debt and the rest was up to me to pay- all I should do was hold out until I got sent information of this. A few months went and I got a letter from the courts saying that there was a court date set and I did not need to attend. I hold my hands up and say that I should have probably got my ass into gear then but my father had just passed away and preferred to bury my head in the sand. Now I know I need to get this organised but I do not really know where to start. All I have received was a court judgement saying that i have to pay the amount in full. Im currently looking around the internet for more information but would really like someone to explain this to me in a bit more simpler terms. Am I not supposed to be able to make an offer at some time and show my earnings (I am on benefits)?? And the full amount they are asking for is the full retail price of the car + interest and no reduction for the auction price of the car?? How can this be when they said it was going to be reduced? I have moved towns since then and the last letter I got said they were changing courts and I will be notified of this soon. But until then I am unsure who to get in touch with- the hire purchased company, the debt collectors or the old court???? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I know this is an old thread, but I am wondering about the Billing Code that was mentioned. I paid an estimated final bill for a property I moved out from last year. About 6 days before the 1 year anniversary of moving out I received a bill that was £300 more. Eon say they made a mistake on the estimation and I therefore have to pay the rest. I am still disputing this and wonder what part of the billing code i can put forward to them??
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