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  1. To join in the schadenfraude, click: Towing Company Continues To Stand By Its Misplaced Lawsuit Against Angry Customer, Despite Losing Half Its Business | Techdirt (USA)
  2. I know it's probably too late for this couple now, but what could they have done about it? Small claims court to get their £100 back?
  3. Clamping team leave mum and children in tears CLAMPERS left a mother and her four young children in tears after they struck while their car's engine was still running. Sarah Brown, 27, of Locarno Road, St Thomas, was with her husband Glen, 28, and their children, Chelsea-lee, six, Miah, five, McKenzie, two, and five- month-old Star, at the Barclay's cashpoint in Marsh Barton. The Echo has revealed a string of motorists have been clamped while pulling in to use the cashpoint in recent weeks. Mrs Brown said: "We were moving house from Redhills and we stopped off at the cashpoint. "The bank's car park was being resurfaced and so we parked alongside it and Glen jumped out to get some cash. The engine was still running and I was in the back with the children because Star was crying. "The next thing I know this big bald bloke with tattoos was taking photographs of the car and another bloke was fixing a clamp to the front wheel," she said. "I started yelling, asking what they were doing, but they didn't answer. It was scary. The children were getting hysterical and I was crying my eyes out. "Their white van was parked right behind us so we couldn't move anyway. "Glen saw what was happening and rushed up. Luckily he kept his cool because he could see the children and I were really upset and wanted to go. "The clampers said he had to pay £100 to be set free. He paid up — it was our moving house bill money — just so we could get away. We didn't see any ID and all we got was a receipt with Premier Parking on it." Mrs Brown said they did not intend to appeal. "Some good friends lent us £100 to see us through," she said. "We've moved from a two-bedroom place in Redhills to a three-bedroom home and with four children it's like paradise — but the clampers really spoiled our day." No one from Premier Parking was available to comment.
  4. Got a cheque in the post this morning for the full amount. Did a little celebration ... then I realised it was already my money in the first place
  5. I already paid £120 upfront as a "signing on admin fee" (which WAS in the contract btw). This was 4 years ago, so before the deposit protection scheme came into place. I will definitely report back after I have heard something. And even if I never see that 50 quid again, I'll bog them down in letters such that their admin will cost them more...
  6. I recently moved out of a letting, and following the final inspection, was granted the full deposit to be refunded (it was well looked after over the near 4 years I was there). However, when the cheque arrived, it came with a letter explaining that £50 was taken out as the "Final inspection fee". This was a total surprise and when I called to contest this I was told that I would have signed to agree to this. Having dug out the old tenancy agreement, (lo and behold... ) I can't see it anywhere. So I have since written to politely ask for proof that I had agreed to this and am currently waiting on a reply. So my question is, what are the implications of this so called fee, if it was not contractually agreed? And what should I do if the letting agency concerned cannot find proof of contract? To be honest, it's means more to me about not being taken for granted than the 50 quid. Cheers, Barney
  7. I have to say, I love that picture, absolutely spot on, and it looks like one of mine in there.
  8. I don't know. I certainly think that the bad publicity did.
  9. Update was on last night. "Fine" dropped and apologies made to Mrs Lockhart. At least this tale had a "happy" ending.
  10. Some of UKPC's finest work: ITV The West Country Tonight Crossing the line 12.25PM Wed, 7 Oct 2009Parking. Its enough to get most of us hot under the collar at times but how's this for a story to raise the temperature. A Devon mother is furious after being ticketed for not parking in a space correctly. Amanda Lockhart was fined while taking her disabled daughter to the cinema in Plymouth. And as our Correspondent Jonathan Gibson found out, it could turn out to be an expensive night. By: Jonathan Gibson update: http://www.itv.com/westcountry-west/crossingtheline50591/
  11. OMG they have actually called it a Penalty charge notice, surely that's illegal?
  12. Hi guys, a quick update from me. Last letter I sent was the "cease and desist" template... Since then I got another letter threatening all the same stuff as before - only from a different "collection agency". It was duly ignored. I have heard nothing since. My message to all newbie [problem] victims here is - Don't be intimidated, keep the faith, don't pay a penny!
  13. I'd say it's either the put up or shut up template letter or do nothing. I sent the put up or shut up letter last time, and now the "debt" has been passed on to another agency ... who have sent practically the same template! Nobody's interested in taking me to court ... it's been over 6 months and nothing has happened.
  14. Just to quickly update my status, ECP/Brinx (after being told not to contact me any more) have now passed the P CN on to ControlAccount who have sent the same kind of threatening gibberish that ECP sent. edit - oh and they haven't added any more to it ... shame I was expecting it to go up by £25 or something
  15. Relax, no-one's going to turn up at your door. These guys are complete bull****ters. And check out Dispatches - Undercover Debt Collector - Channel 4 If you haven't already seen it.
  16. OK, so I saw The Ch4 Dispatches programme on debt klektors earlier. Decided check on here and also companies house, and guess what? Brinx used to be called Euro Car Parks (Nottingham)... This must surely put them in a dubious position if I chose to follow up doing what baptiste said!?
  17. I have received another letter from the debt clecters. Here it is in slilghtly redacted form. It's quite funny when you underline the bits as I did. TOP: http://i30.tinypic.com/19ov0l.jpg Notice: 5 months since the "offence" to this "final demand". they refer to ECP as the client, this gets interesting later... Amount due, this was raised to £95 from £70 when Brinx sent their 1st letter (over 6 weeks ago) they have not added any more to the total. MID: http://i25.tinypic.com/4grfir.jpg Now, the debt clekters want me to visit ECP's website to pay the balance, including the £25 they added. The letter also included a form to pay in directly to ECP. BOTTOM: http://i28.tinypic.com/2z7hhet.jpg Once again, a barely legible signature, and no printed name... ---------------- They will shortly by receiving: At this juncture there is nothing further that I can add to my letter of __ June 2009 (copy enclosed). Any further correspondence from you in relation to this matter will result in a complaint to the authorities under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997.
  18. Thanks for the link Baptiste, I will check it out. The only thing is, since this is aimed at my wife, who is RK, and not me, she is not interested in taking up the fight, how could I do it on her behalf?
  19. I've done what I said earlier in this thread... been a couple of months since I last heard anything... I can't help get the feeling that if they were going to take me to court, they would have done so by now.
  20. Here's some Money Saving Expert: Private Parking Tickets: How to get your money back inc. free template letters... Effectively, a ticket from a private firm is an invoice as, in their words, by overstaying your welcome on their land you have agreed to pay a particular sum. By stating you are appealing, it gives unnecessary legitimacy to the ticket. I’ve only used the word "appeal" in this guide when quoting correspondence from private parking firms and landowners. The aim at this point is to dissuade the company by showing you won’t take this lying down. Its simply sent you an invoice to pay, and you dispute the need to pay it. It has NO POWER whatsoever to force you to pay unless it first chooses to take you to court, which is a hassle, and then it needs to win the case which is by no means certain. And just to put your mind at rest, it can’t hit your credit rating either.
  21. I think we all know that all you need to do is leave your car unattended in a certain place for about 5 mins
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