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  1. It is now over 6 months since the second letter and there is still no communication from ECP since my last letter. Interestingly there was a letter in my local paper from a lady complaining that ECP had done the same thing to her when she visited the same site twice in one day over 4 hours apart - Perhaps there is an attendant trying to boost income here? - I wonder how many just pay up? Sadly I was unable to contact the lady to advise her about this site.
  2. So it is now over 3 months since I sent the second letter advising that the ticket claim was false and explaining why no charges were incurred. The reponse is a deafening silence. So lessons learned: 1. Euro CP will pay attention eventually and give up if you have a strong case. 2. If you have similar problems with these or similar rip off merchants fight, do not give in. 3. The advice given on here by Bernie T B, Barnsley boy and others is excellent please do follow it. My thanks again to all who gave advice.
  3. Seems to me that the pesky Perky clan are trying to play mind games..........How infantile! How transparent!
  4. Thanks MB, I am aware of trolls but had not realised they were on here. I hope Minsteller rots in hell along with all his other [problem] bretheren.
  5. Sorry I do not understand - Does anyone else?
  6. Thank you BB I hope you are right - I will follow your excellent advice. I will report if there is any change in the situation. I do hope others will be encouraged to fight these [problem] artists.
  7. A brief update : Basically nothing has happened, no reply to my last letter to them on 20th Jan so that is just over six weeks. It took them eight weeks to reply to my original letter but that was with Christmas and new year in between. So I wonder if my making them aware that they were making a false claim has made them give up? Having dared to to think I smell victory I will probably get a demand tomorrow!
  8. Much applause to you Goldlady - Got him right between the eyes!
  9. I would like to point out to Interesting that I have just done exactly what he says above and ECP has completely ignored what I said and sent me another standard letter asking for payment so I have to got to the trouble of explaining it all again, but this time I am accusing them of making a false claim and if they do not desist I will pursue this. To everyone else I say appealing to their sense of fair play is futile they are just a money gathering machine and have no interest in the truth!
  10. Thanks again to both of you - I will get it posted Monday - It will be interesting to see what their response will be - I will keep you posted - Hopefully it will encourage others in similar circumstances not to give in.
  11. Tahnk you MB - I am hoping if someone actually reads it they might twig that my reference to the ticket making a false assumption means that they are open to the accusation of making a fraudulent charge should that become necessary if things develop further - That might be expecting too much from one of their numpties I suppose.
  12. Thanks BB - My proposed reply: ****** Further to your letter dated 18th January 2008, I note that you refer to my letter of 25th November 2007 as ‘An Appeal’. That letter was not in fact an appeal. It was to advise you that whoever wrote the Parking Charge Notice had made the incorrect assumption that the vehicle was in the car park for over four hours, when in fact it was not and that consequently the Parking Charge Ticket is making a false claim. I repeat again. The vehicle was in the car park on two separate occasions that day with over four hours elapsing between exit and re-entry as no doubt your camera records can confirm. The vehicle did not contravene any of the ‘length of stay’ or ‘no return’ times as stated on your signage and referred to in your letter. I repeat my absolute denial that I owe you the amount claimed or that any monies at all are owed by me to you and regret that I shall be unable to assist you further in this matter. ****** Any suggestions for improving please?
  13. I originally posted in "Euro Car Parks £70 fine" in November - nothing has happened until now so as the circumstances are different I have started a new thread - I collected a PCN for staying over 4 hours at a ECP park - The vehicle was not there for 4 hours but was inthe park on two seperate occasions over 4 hours apart - On the advice of Bernie the Bolt and Barnsley Boy I wrote based on a template letter advising ECP of the situation and that the PCN was incorrect and that I denied absolutely etc. - I received this today: - ******* With reference to your letter dated 25/11/2007 appealing against the above Parking Charge Notice. Euro Car Parks Ltd. manage this site on behalf of our clients and are regulated by our terms and conditions. Following instructions from our clients, I can confirm that Euro Car Parks pass all appeals to the Centre Management at XXXXXXXXX who attend to these directly and inform which notices are cancelled or upheld. I can confirm that, after a full investigation Centre Management have decided to uphold the notice as this was issued correctly. Euro Car Parks offers a space management system, and the signage at this site is quite clear in it’s intent, and therefore it is imperative that the time constraints are adhered to including the ‘Maximum stay’ and ‘No return time’ of vehicles. This is to ensure that all genuine customers are able to use the facilities at this site. Please be kind enough to forward payment of £30.00 making your cheque/postal order payable to blah blah. I would respectfully remind you that this amount is now due, with payment to be made within 14 days. Please quote PCN number etc.etc. ******* I have a good idea on how to reply based on a template follow up but would appreciate any observations or comments. Many thanks
  14. Hear hear - Compliments of the season to all the good guys on here trying to fight what is just a rip off and [problem] industry.
  15. Just an update on me and Euro Carparks - My case is the one wher the car was in and out of the park twice in one day and was given a PCN saying it had been there for four hours. It is now three weeks since they would have received my letter based on Bernie the B's advice and I have heard nothing from them - Dare I hope that they have realised their error and are not pursuing it??
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