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  1. Hello After renting for more than six years having sold my house, I put in a claim for housing benefit which was awarded. 3 months later it has been reviewed and the LA want to know details of the house sale. I know about the five year rule for sale and rent of same property - does that apply here as well? Thank you
  2. need a Friday boost, try the British paraorchestra, Kaos signing choir and GB paralympians If the link doesn't work search paraorchestra True colors.
  3. See below links. http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll38/bribribourbonbourbon/citypcnpg1final.jpg http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll38/bribribourbonbourbon/citypcnpg2.jpg Car was parked with a blue badge on singel yellow which is ok in Islington but this was on Golden Lane. One side of the road is Islington but I didn't realsise that the other side was City of London. The location on PCN is only Golden Lane. Also I think yellow line has a break of about 50cm-1m. hard to tell becasue it goes through motorcycle bay. the map link http://goo.gl/maps/MiSXp. The ca
  4. It was residents only. I will appeal on discretionary grounds but was hoping there will be something more substantial.
  5. Morning all Any flaws in the attached photos? I wasn't sure if it should be a 12r code - not that I had a permit. Also shouldn't there be a stated reference to 'the enforcement authority'. Front copy http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll38/bribribourbonbourbon/pcn%20160208/TowerHamletsFront-Copy.jpg Back copy http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/ll38/bribribourbonbourbon/pcn%20160208/TowerHamletsBack-Copy.jpg the car did have a blue badge but TH is one of those london authorities with different rules - but I didn't have my BB book with me to check. Will appeal for discre
  6. Also have a look at the work of the Ombudsman. I was given a £50 apology from Haringey after they failed to cancel a PCN until two days before PATAS so I said £50 was the going rate for penalties from the Ombudsman for such failures.
  7. The council have said they could take up to 50 days to respond to an informal challenge. Is this in itself an impropriety? Will post actual details about PCN if informal response fails.
  8. There is a thread on here and Moneysavingexpert.com about this but I have only just twigged. Since March 2010. I have made calls and texts costing approx £79 (ex VAT I think) to an 07404 number which is used by Lycamobile. Like other people I would have considered it a UK number but in the current T & C (someone on T-mobile website but I can't find it) it is an excluded number. It is therefore not included in call allowance. On my bills it is variously described as International, other network and non-standard mobile. I am going to ask for the money to be refunded as I don't
  9. . That's where I am at. It seems that the person who rented us the space was slack. Your questions are reasonable and the same questions I asked. The answer given was that it will be sorted out later. Now someone else has taken over managing the building and their solution is to begin eviction proceedings on the grounds of non-payment of rent - I believe. Am still waiting for eviction notice. My point is - if we offered to pay rent and asked many times how much but none was requested is that our fault. There may be some verbal terms, but none relate to period of tenancy or rent
  10. It is a council commercial property. We were invited to take occupation. The person who we believed had management of the building gave us the keys. We kept asking for a lease but never received anything. The council is now doing a review of its buildings. There is no written contract thus no terms to refer to.
  11. My small, company has been reisding in a property for a number of years. The person I believed to be the responsible person gave us the key. On a number of occasion we have asked who do we pay rent to and how much. No reply. Now the overall landlord wants to evict us and will serve one month's notice and is blaming us for not paying the rent. Questions, can they evict us or should they first offer us a chance to regularise the situation - but we can't afford backdated payments. Secondly, is there anything to sya that it should be more than one month's notice. Thirdly, ev
  12. Why is the standard contravention code 25 allowed to be worded "Parked in a loading place during restricted hours without loading" When someone may be unloading.
  13. Here is a link to newspaper article and blog from Lynne Featherstone MP who is the gov't minister in the Home Office proposing a ban on wheelclamping. http://www.lynnefeatherstone.org/2010/08/wheel-clamping-continued.htm#comments She is requesting comments. I have already referred her to this forum and Pepipoo.com.
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