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  1. Yes sorry I am a member of UNISON and currently awaiting them to call me back and provide advice on this also.
  2. Hi elche, thanks for your reply. I do not think they would get rid of me because of me making a fuss, I have worked within this role for 2 weeks, but for the same department as a clerical officer for over 3 years. I have shown both letters to my manager, her manager, and her manager's colleague who all agree with me as the mistake has been made by Recruitment rather the department I work for, all of which believe I should put pressure via a complaint and request that the difference is paid. The first letter I got was a conditional letter, conditionally based on pre-employment checks (CRB, references, health check) of which I passed them all. After this I recieved the final letter providing me a start date and once again stating I would be paid at 75%. As I have said the letters also contridict itself by stating I am being paid as accordance to Annex U of the Agenda for Change. Which does clearly state 70% not 75%. Below is the specific extract from both the conditional letter and final offer letter: "Your employment will be subject to the Agenda for Change terms and conditions of service. The salary scale for this post relates to Annex U, which is 75% of £**,*** per annum. Your starting salary will be £**,*** (based on AFC 2011 payscales) and your hours of work will be 37.5 per week" So states Annex U (which specificly says 70% but then goes on to say I wil get 75%. The difference between the two, isn't seen as much, however as you can appreciate every penny counts. Also I applied for a car via the salary sacrifice scheme, which will now be declined as i based the application on the pay as per the final offer letter, which in theory in there eyes, I have lied on my application. What do you think?
  3. Just ring them and tell them you are struggling, ask them to free the interest and spread the costs. I did this on a £400 loan and they really helped me out ! I keep promising I will pay the full amount on a specific date, just before I ring and say sorry cant pay in full ill pay you £50 and then the rest next payday, then do the same again next payday. Never had a problem so far ! Just ring, blag them with some story and basically "ask for they help" always worked for me ! I got HSBC to clear the arrers of £250 and reset my monthly amount yesterday just by blagging them !
  4. Hi everyone, just needed some advice ! I have been in my new job within the NHS for 2 weeks. 3 months ago I received an conditional offer for the job with outlined my pay. I then went through the usual pre-employment checks which the NHS carry out and got my final offer letter which also detailed the same pay details as the conditional offer. I have been paid today, but according to my wage slip my yearly salary is lower then what was written in the letters. I have queried this and been told its a mistake. I'm a trainee and have been told i come under Annex U of the Agenda for change. As my uni course lasts for two years, Annex U states I will get paid 70% of top of the spine point of the relevant band and in the second year will get 75%. Both letters say 75% but also state i am being paid as accordance to AfC. Obviously contridicting itself. What position am I in, in regards to this? Any advise will be much appreciated !
  5. I managed to leave BT due to the same problems you having, rang they tech line and keep ringing when you have a problem, ask them what website there recommend to do speed tests, and do it and see what results you get, if you get the crap you getting now, then they cant say you not using a proper speed test. Get screenshots and URL links for all speed tests. Create a diary of the problem and call them each time. After doing this, tell them to terminate, not ask. You will get a good result.
  6. Why is MBNA not providing the CCA? I requested the CCA back in March 2010, only recieved it in Jan 2011, I didnt chase at all, and all of a sudden it appeared straight after I managed to clear the balance on the account ! The CCA clearly showed I ticked no to. PPI, with this I sent a letter requesting a full breakdown on insurance charges if this was not possible to provide statements, within the month I got a spreadsheet showing PPI was charged the very month after I signed the agreement. I sent copies of both documents back to them and have requested a refund of all PPI charges, which equates to 1,394
  7. Right got a reply stating that they continue to insist to send it off and cannot ascertain what is wrong with it until there do so. They never responded to my point of significant invconvience and this time I have quoted from the SOG act in hope there recognise this. I have replied to a CR rep, but also CC'ed the email to Sara.
  8. Right ive sent another email, after taking advice from rebel11 and another thread. Insisting on a replacement, see what happens
  9. Not sure what to do, The Sales of Good Act clearly says an faulty item within 6 months, its deemed that the item was faulty at the time of sale, unless proven otherwise by the store (Argos) Doesnt that mean that the item is within the 30 day money back guarantee?? As it is deemed to be faulty on the day of purchase whic hwas 28th November cause the item is less then 6 months old?
  10. She has rang me and said no choice but to send it away, nothing else they can do and that all stores would do the same. I explained my problem and explained I cannot afford to send it just yet, and she no choice. Not sure what else I can do but send it?
  11. Sorry its Saraj not Sara lol I have had a reply from someone working on behalf of Sara at Argos, she asked for my mobile number and going to ring me this afternoon to discuss it.
  12. Email sent, explaining my problem and inconvience sending the laptop would be. I have said that becuase the laptop was bought within 6 months, its Argos responsibility to prove that the fault wasnt there at the time of sale, and if Argos are unable to prove this, then the item was faulty at the time of sale, this places it within Argos's own policy of 30 day money back guarantee, meaning im entitled to either a full refund or replacement, Ive said that I am looking for replacement and may even replace with a more expensive model.
  13. Thanks for that, I read through that and it basically says they have a right to request repair? I've been to Argos and they have said they will have to send it off to for repair and this can upto 21 working days? Its crazy how long it can take. Is there anything where I can assist on a replacement? Or will i be fighting a losing battle?
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