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  1. Hi Can anyone help me with Black Horse. Bit of a long story but will try to be brief!. We had a loan with them which we unfortunately defaulted on, agreed a payment plan, started paying it back didnt hear from them again, then the payments stopped going out of the bank and we didnt notice, went on holiday came back to a CCJ on the mat for £649.90 which was the balance outstanding, I had received no other letters from them prior to this saying the payments had stopped. I then realised that we had PPI on this loan and that I had a valid claim. I wrote to them claiming back the premium plus
  2. Hi Guys Post - Im glad you think the same (it makes me feel I sort of know what Im doing if im thinking along the sames lines as you!). I have a letter here stating that on my two settled loans that they had already given me a rebate on the premium when I settled them early. Also in the letter that tell me that they are going to rewrite me current loan with the original start date, but you say this is illegal. I have written to them today asking for a statement of account for the two settled loans so that we can see if in fact they have ever given me a rebate. Im sure this will
  3. Hi I have received an offer to settle my PPI claim from Welcome and before I agree to it I wonder if you good people could help me a few things. I have three claims two on loans that I settled early and one on a current loan. On the two that I settled early they are offering the PPI premium , less the rebate that they supposedly gave me when I settled the loan, plus the contractual interest that I paid whilst I had the loan and a one off 8pct interest payment on this total. My questions on this are, Do I trust them that I actually got the rebate when I settled the loans early,
  4. Hi Have been an avid follower of this thread for a while now, my PPI claim is in with welscum at the moment and I too had one of those forms requesting info about the sale of the PPI and what do I remember and why am I now claiming blah blah blah. I responded the same day, they got it on the 3rd July 09 and I have heard nothing since, aprt from a letter daying oh we are still looking at it and will be in contact soon.(yeah right). My question is if Cattles do go bust, even if they offer me 20p in the pound to settle my debt ( I borrowed £10K secured) I havent got the £2K i need to se
  5. Losing the will to live/fight! My solicitor wrote to welscum 12th May with letter before action, although we are still waiting for a reply to our SAR sent in Feb. WElscum have now replied to the letter before action saying they deny liablility for mis selling of PPI. Can somebody please clarify if my secured loan is for 180 months and my PPI cover is for 60 months and was added as a lump sum premium at the beginning of my loan is this a definate case of misselliing, just getting nervous as I think we may have to go to court and if we lose will have to pay their costs. Also If I
  6. Thanks Post Will get onto my solicitor and ask her to send this today, have to say am losing faith.
  7. Argggg getting very dispondent, started my claim for PPi last August and the solicitor wrote 21 days ago with a letter before action, have jsut rungthem and surprise surprise no response from Welcome. She now says she will chase again but I feel I just getting the run around any advice? We are still waiting for documents under the SAR sent on 27 Feb 09 as well. Feel like we are never going to get our money back.
  8. Hi Can some one help me as to what will happen next in my case, my solicitor sent a letter before action with a 21 day clause in it which is up on Tuesday 2nd June. If Welcome do not respond what happens next and how much longer can they string it out? Also as Cattles are likely to go bust on the 1st of July does that mean I have lost all hope of getting me PPI compensation at all?
  9. Hi Guys Just been speaking with my solicitor re my PPI claim and was informed they were dealing with a Mr Ian Brockersby, has anyone heard this name before? Funnily enought they didnt receive my SAR that was sent by recorded delivery either!
  10. thats wierd cos I have had a couple of those statements recently never have before and unfortunately been with welcome on and off for 7 years! Slightly strange that it only started in the last month once i had sent a sar
  11. Thanks Post , will send this when i get my SAR stuff back
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