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  1. The whole family should be they are all involved in it one way or another, sisters, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters and the others who just changed the name are as bad as they knew exactly what was going on
  2. Bluestone Claims of Stockport I believe is also part of this disgraceful lot. They were also talking about FSF and the rest on Moneybox on Radio 4 this lunch time. Administrators said they have a lot to go through re the trading of FSF and the rest. DG
  3. I agree, they have ruined so many lives. As with most of these type of people they squirrel the money away and presto they get on a plane and get lost. Her hubby has been bankrupt before and I understand everything is in her name so its possible she could end up going the same way, money probably in the kids or family name so nobody can get it DG
  4. It appears that they have oft it to Spain. Looks like none of the staff are going to get a penny either. Im sure that all the bosses involved will have made sure they have money in the bank thats the type of people they are. DG
  5. Debt Help and Advise aka First Step Finance and other associated companies have finally gone into Administration all staff have lost their jobs. Dont pay any more money to any of them and make sure your d/d, s/o etc are cancelled as no money will go to any creditor DG
  6. Hi well done PCB. Glad you got it sorted before the previous employees took it over. So many people have paid so much over the years that company started and still find themselves in a mess because of them. Again, well done to you. DG xxxxxxxxx:-o
  7. Hi all not been on for the forum for a while, ill health, work and now I have a grandson. FSF do not destroy your details, the only things they destroy are the debt collector letters that is when they tell you to send them in which is not very often. They cannot destroy your information and when they tell you they have they are lying. They have paper files as well as the details which they have on their pc's. They are also well known for treating their staff the same way they treat their clients. If they are going it can't be anything but good for all. My friends are still in debt thanks to FSF up I managed to get the creditors to agree to payments from them. Joining FSF was the worst thing they ever did. I do hope that all goes well for all concerned who are trying to get money back from them. DG
  8. It is about time this company was held to account. Management lining their own pockets first before clients, disgusting DG
  9. Same company I get letters/statements from them with the Outsourcing name just another part of link DG
  10. Good luck, keep my fingers crossed for you. Link have left me alone for quite sometime now. DG:-)
  11. Conflict of interest its called. Don't know what the OFT and FOS would say although I doubt if it is in their names. They can give you the information its all on the computer they can't delete it. DG:-)
  12. Hi PCB My friends have cancelled with FSF. We've gone direct to the creditors they still have debts with and have agreed payments with them with a guarantee from the creditors in writing that they will not add any charges or interest as long as they keep up with the agreed payments so my friends are much happier now. FSF are dragging their heels in sorting the cancellation out but thats no suprise to anyone. Not heard of Debt Settlers but its certainly worth checking around to see if anyone has anything to say about them but I say once bitten twice shy and I'd be careful of going into a contact with anyone if it was me. Good Luck DG
  13. Funny that Bill Waring doing his act he was supposed to have left fsf before redundancies were made - gone back - how strange. Make loads of people redundant and then take staff one - just so strange. Dont believe for one minute that they didnt want to rub the noses of those made redundant in it thats not how they work. Just another call centre now like the rest they are only running the company to line their own pockets. DG
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