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  1. I had signed up to arena digital to have a full screen advert in a builders merchants, everything was fine until December I got an invoice from them for £990.00. I told that I had paid all monies due, but unknown to me it was a rolling contract. this is where the problem starts, When you sign for the advert they don't tell you, you have to give 12 months notice, therefore if you wanted to only have one year then you had to cancel the same day that you sign the contract? I got a company called Parker Newbury chasing me for the debt, after agreed a
  2. Just to let you all know, the council have backed down and will let me pay the reduced fine of £25.00 Cheers Guy's
  3. Hi Guys just to let you know the FOS have advised me to take the £35.00 per month for 7 years. as it says it is a reasonable offer. MH
  4. Hi Ford, No there is nothing on the back the terms and conditions we on seperate sheets? Cheers MH
  5. http://i1140.photobucket.com/albums/n576/mhill716600/tradeprocreditagreement.jpg Hi here is the Credit Agreement again, I hope it works Regards MH
  6. Hello every one. Just a quick update, i had a meeting with the CAB Regards to Tradepro and explained that it was affeting my other debtors, they advised to me accept tradepros offer of £35.00 per Month for 72 Months as they explained that tradepro have been very clever by making this offer it would look favourable in the eyes of the fos. Any comments Cheers MH
  7. Hi Rhos, I am not with them now i took advice from the CAG,and opened a parachute account, this account is with Payplan at present and they are paying them £10.00 per month, the account is now being handled by Apex? I am just wondering if the banks can increase your overdraft to cover their charges? Cheers MH
  8. Sorry Banfodder the last Amount was in fact £2,710.00. MH
  9. Hi Bankfodder, just had a look at my statments, I was reducing my overdraft by £50.00 per month, i got it down from £3,000 to just £1,000.00 but then started having money issues, this is when they increased my overdraft firstly to £1270.00 on the 04th June 2008, then £1620.00 on the1st Dec 2008,then to £1830.00 on the 8th Dec 2008 i started paying in monies to try and cover some of the costs, but was struggling when they then increased my overdraft to £2420.00 on the 15th July 2009, and once again increased it to £27100 on the 31st Aug 2009. I did not ask for these overdraft increase
  10. Hello Everyone, I was with the Lloyds tsb and had an Authorised overdraft of £700.00. When there was not enougth monies to pay their monthly charges they increased my overdraft ( without my permission) dispite letters regards to my money problems they kept increasing the overdraft to cover charges, the balance is now £2,684.47. Apex have taken over the debt and i have sent letters but have had no reply. Any ideas anyone? Regards MH
  11. Hi Guy's I have just recieved a letter from tradepro the refund they are offering if i accept their offer of repayments consists of a debt recovery fee and interest. MH
  12. Hi There Godmother, i email copies of all the letters,offers and statments to the fos as and when i recieve them, these are emailed to one of the junior fos members who then send them up the person who is going to look at my file, I have been advised that it could take up to 4 months before they look at it, this being as it has been put up the ladder from a adjudicator. Cheers MH
  13. It's ok found it MH can anyone look at this Application form and see if it meets all the criteria Cheers MH
  14. Hi Guy,s how do i attach a copy of my Tradepro application form on to this page Thanks MH
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