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  1. I don't have to ticket to hand (at work) but you can see it here on Google street view... http://goo.gl/maps/fGU5M
  2. Thanks for the replies. Sorry for any offence caused to Fiat 500 drivers. I did already have a look on the ticketfighter site however it confused me and as there was no forum to I came here. Here's a quote from that article: Suffice to say I and the appellant do not agree with this. The implications are huge. In practice it means that every vehicle would have to wait for the one in front to clear the junction before they go! This implies the article writer believes a driver should not have to wait for the car in front to clear the box, but surely that is the only way to be 100% sure you will not stop in the box. Love driving in London. Mark
  3. I've received a PCN from Hammersmith / Chelsea council for stopping in a yellow box junction. Video: I'm sure I saw the cars ahead of me and judged there would be enough room, but if you look the blue citroen (3 cars in front of mine) stops earlier than expected, leaving a huge gap, if it had moved even 1 metre closer I would have been outside of the yellow box. Do I have any grounds for appeal? Mark
  4. Hi, I am looking for some DSR (distance Selling Regulation) advice. I bought a laptop for personnel use from an internet retailer, I've now decided I want to return it. The retailer are refusing the refund the Windows 7 upgrade CD (£39), Warranty card (£100) and also charging a restocking free £50. I have three questions. 1. Are they allowed to charge me a restocking free? (I've read Section 3.55 of the "Home shopping: Distance Selling Regulations" document and it appears not) 2. Are they allowed to refuse refund for the software? (section 3.38, it looks like they are within their rights). 3. Are they allowed to refuse refund for the warranty (This is the one I'm really not sure about). Regards
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a some advice on a holiday I booked. On Sunday I was quoted £900 for the holiday via an email. When I rang up today I spoke to someone who said there had been a mistake with the quote and it has been entered as 11 nights not 14 (as I wanted). At the time I assumed I must misread the email quote on Sunday so agreed to pay the difference. The price was now £1100. When I checked the email it was in fact for 14 nights. I've sent an email asking for them to credit the different. I just wondered do I have any legal grounds or was it my fault for not checking? Regards Mark
  6. Hi haughj, In the end I didn't return it to the retailer I spoke to an engineer at the manufacuter who was pretty informative. It turns out the buzzing wa being generated by the coaxial cable which connects the Virgin box which in turn connects to the AV receiver. All the best. Mark
  7. Hi, The systerm is the Aego T from acoustic energy see here: aego t system : acoustic energy To be honest I can't say for sure it's the sub at fault but i've tried a couple of things suggest by the av receiver maker (onkyo) which suggest it is the sub. Anyhow i'll try and ask for a refund... Mark
  8. Hi everyone, I would be grateful if someone could let me know my rights as regards to a faulty subwoofer. I bought a surround sound system back in February. In September the subwoofer started buzzing. I sent it back to the retailer in Mid November. They returned it mid December. The fault is still there. It was a real hassle getting them to look at it in first place so now I want to write some letters quoting my rights. I understand I may be able to reference the sales of goods act. (I think I paid for this in credit card im in the process of trying to find out) I have had a look on the trading standards website it seems to suggest you don't have any rights unless the fault was present when you bought the goods. Any assistance appreciated. Regards Mark
  9. Good idea, I'll give the consumer direct number a buzz tomorrow...
  10. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I bought a mobile phone on a Three tariff from simply3g.com. This contract has now expired. I would like the phone to be unlocked from the Three network so I can use it on vodafone. On contracting Three they are refusing to unlock my phone because I didn't buy the phone direct with them and say I should contact me reseller (simmply3g.com). On contracting simply3g.com they cannot help. One of Three's statements in it's T&Cs says they can unlock phones it doesn't mention anything about using resellers. Statement below: “Handsets which can be used to access 3 Services are locked to our network. The software in the Handset and all intellectual property rights in that software is owned by the Handset manufacturer and you are being allowed to use the software on a limited license from the Handset manufacturer. During the term of your agreement for the supply of 3 Services, you must not permit your Handset to be unlocked via any unauthorized manner (i.e. by anyone other than us or the Handset manufacturer). You must contact us if you want your Handset to be unlocked from our network. If you contact us to request that your Handset be unlocked from our network, we will arrange for your Handset to be unlocked in an authorized manner (which may include replacing your Handset with an unlocked Handset which is the same or similar specification to your Handset) and you must pay an unlocking administration charge (which will be shown in the Price Guide for 3 Services). In addition, if you have had your Handset for less than 12 months, you will also have to pay the Handset Unlock Fee (this is also shown in the Price Guide for 3 Services). In addition, you must ensure that there are no outstanding amounts owing on your 3 account. Prior to us arranging for your Handset to be unlocked, you must ensure that you back-up or otherwise store separately any of your information or other data on the Handset which you may require, as this may be lost during the Handset unlocking process. We are not responsible for any information or other data which may be lost during the Handset unlocking process.” Am I correct in thinking simply3g.com are just an agent working for Three therefore my contract is still with Three. If this is the case do you think I could take them to a small claims court? Any thoughts appreciated. Regards Mark
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