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  1. Yes got the claim form and ignored it as no money at the time to even try to sort it out. Had many coming through at the time. Meters fitted, sorted electric out but did not use gas as only heating affected so just went cold until I scraped enough to buy a fuel burner. Love it and won't be using central heating ever again. Electric shower so hot water is all good. I'm still with npower so hopefully will have a bargaining chip, get them off my back or I'm off, at least for electric as owe nothing !
  2. Exactly. Not sure if they have to leave something saying they have been like they used too before rule change, I would have thought so but have not been able to familiarise myself with new rules as yet. Last dealings with a bailiff sending same letter you provided me with resulted with a un qualified person putting a I've visited letter through letter box. With an outstanding ccj with water company at least I know what direction to go in now thanks to your advice. Will update soon and thank you. My next move is to get in touch with np
  3. In the first place it must have been over the phone. Could have been by email but cannot remember to tell the truth. I would have sent them an I&E so now I'm wondering if it was by email.I will take a look but might take a time scrolling mails from over 3 years ago
  4. Got a reply by letter today. I thought it was going to be the reply to the information I asked for regarding breakdown of charges. Instead received this dated 16th August. !
  5. Would there be any harm asking npower about this debt now and the figures, been asking about and everyone says the final bill has always been wrong estimated or read ! Is this a route worth taking ?
  6. No have not questioned the amount, they stuck a meter in but did not use gas after that although over last 6 to 8 months I've had random cheques turn up from them averaging £35, about 7 all told. They got the ccj about 4/5 years ago maybe longer.
  7. Thank you I will email this this morning. I have a scrap car in drive, non runner. Should I get rid of this or do you think they have took control of this. I have no idea how this new system works so please forgive me.
  8. Hi, I thought I had everything under control but seems not. Got into debt with Npower, they got a CCJ and next im dealing with CES (Court Enforcement Services). I made an agreement to pay £60 per month and have done so last couple of years each month but not on a date set. If it got a bit late they text me saying so and i paid but never missed a month. I knew I was close to paying it off so emailed them asking what is left to pay about 4 weeks ago. They said about £1500 when I knew it should be around £400ish. They informed me it stands at £1500 as
  9. Got them to suspend proceedings, set up a direct debit and everyone is happy all round. Thanks for the advice Andyorch
  10. Just looked through paperwork properly. No payment agreement in order, last few months by the letters attached show them asking for i&e to get a plan going.
  11. Originally with n/rock the ccj was for £60 a month with no charging order, arrow went for it after buying debt and i offered in court at £1 a month, that failed and they got charging order. I've paid nothing to arrow at all. No evidence as was just a phone call, my first port of call is to ring them today and see if I can get a payment plan in place. Eggy
  12. Hi, Got paper work from Court today. Sum is around £12k. Long story short, It was a N/rock loan unsecured, they sold it on then arrow bought it and got a charging order. That was a good few years ago. A few weeks after they got the order they sent me paper work stating as such and wanted it paying. I rang them, verbally agreed on a minimal payment and I asked for a sort code and account number to pay. I got nothing from them and as the months rolled by I just ignored it. As things were at the time I would not have been able to keep up with payments anyway but now that things
  13. Just an update to this thread, things have been going quite smooth and paying up as promised I found out that BM upped there SVR Sept last year. I thought I was paying off £100 per month arrears but it turns out its just £12 after their rate rise. Only have 3 years left on mortgage and although I know I more than likely wont get my home repossessed as at least ive made monthly payments last couple of years and a bit extra could it be possible to move my mortgage to elsewhere with big arrears ? Dont want to rock the boat by getting all the charges back just yet but
  14. Got a letter from BM today, says We did not send you the Notice of default sum, that we should have according to the consumer credit act blah blah blah Im sorry this has happened and we have now enclosed a notice of default sums which includes all the dates when you were charged a default sum. Loads of £35 charges totalling a snatch over £500 and this is just my second mortgage/secured personal loan.. I dread to see what my main mortgage charges compiles of, this one dates back to 2009. Is this something I can take advantage of as have arrears on both ? Regard
  15. Yes, its the pro rata that through me.. I would have not been worried about bailiffs coming round, I just wanted to find out the facts before I handed over the money, that I have now been able to do
  16. Emailed them asking after I pay this amount will I be up to date with nothing left to pay, received this reply... Yes that’s correct. You just be then paying your current bill which you are already paying anyway monthly All I ever paid was the c/tax plus summons fee nothing more so however they worked that out I'm unsure and wont be asking..
  17. After asking what the bill was for, they sent me this... The debt relates to the 2013/2014 bill which was originally for £836.23. Due to no payments being made to this amount on 16th May 2013 you were summonsed which added £130.00 costs to your account. Obtaining a Liability Order from the court enabled us to instruct our Enforcement Agents to act on our behalf. As the debt was not paid in full (£396.23 remaining) on 29th January 2015 it was passed to Jacobs Enforcement Agents who added their compliance fee of £75.00 and then the enforcement fee of £235.00 totalling £310.00. Total
  18. Is there anything stopping me trying for a low earnings reduction that year as I, as said earlier earned less than 6k ?.. That if possible should even things out
  19. This is a bit more confusing than I thought.. Sept through October I made payments in 2013. From Oct 2013 through to 15 April 2014 I was on jsa and it being paid for me. On 24 April I made a payment of £416. Give me a little time to sort this out, there was one year I earn just below 6k and did not claim for low earnings..
  20. So this coming into affect on 6th April 2014 surly the LO issued for the amount on 6/6/13 has no effect to this matter, this is I thinking it only means " from 6/4/14 and after" has an effect .. That aside my concern is that pre date I paid the LO off in full and left the bailiff to chase there money. Can they now restart chasing the LO adding the new rule charges from something I paid off previously.. That is what the council are threatening ?
  21. Got a letter a few days ago saying an outstanding LO from 2013 is still unpaid from the council. Now ive always known ive owed bailiff charges for this amount but refused to pay them but thats a different story Ive just had a quick look online at accounts and the likes on the council website and it seems the council have paid the bailiffs out of the money i paid online to the council to clear the council tax arrears (in full) on the councils website at the time eg clear the LO and worry about what I owe the baliffs another time. It showed only last year I was up to dat
  22. Is this what its all came down to.. Ppl jumping into a thread because they love to tell others where there wrong because they know better.. Any site team here have my permission to delete this thread, if I want do gooders and gossipers I would ask
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