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  1. Hi Gizmo, thanks for the really quick reply. I have no problem with the debt, I am always able to pay it off, but I'm not always at the address the card is registered at so hence why I forget to pay it off on time.. I like Barclaycard, or I did... Never had a problem before, just can't believe they can get away screwed people over like that without at least a few days notice...
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what I should do in my situation. I'm 23 and have just finished university and have been lucky to have not ammassed many major debts to ever have too many worries with repayments, however on occasion over the last six months apparently I have made payments to my Barclaycard one or two days late, purely by accident as I forgot after the due date. So say Barclaycard... Today, I filled up at the petrol station and bought some food. All together it came to £80 ish... I came to pay and it was rejected twice. I only checked my acc
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