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  1. Sorry, my mistake. I'm also on another site for parking tickets and their rules seem to be the exact opposite when it comes to uploading files, so I get confused. Anyway, I got this letter from B'card telling me that they are refunding historic default fees. However they've sent this money to Hoist to reduce the balance. I don't suppose there is any way I can make them send me the money directly is there? Barclaycard Fees Refund small.pdf
  2. Well, they've ignored my CCA request and my CPR request apart from to send the original agreements (bear in mind I asked for copies of all documentation), I'll wait and see if they are going to take me to court. If so, I'd imagine they'd have to send all evidence, including any deferrment letters that I've sent in the past. I'd believe that Erudio issued a claim as they thought that some people would pay up without fighting, and others wouldn't submit and defence and so they'd get an automatic judgement. If even 1 person in 10 pays up, then it would be well worth their while financially
  3. I'm 99.9% sure that didn't. I hadn't heard from SLC since about 2009 iirc.
  4. I have definitely never sent a deferment form to Erudio, as until this happened, I'd never heard of Erudio. And thanks for the information, it was the 25 years thing that I was thinking of, I hadn't realised you couldn't do that if you were behind in either payments or deferments.
  5. Is there any reason for me not to write and submit a witness statement as soon as possible? Is the witness statement below along the right lines? Happy to change it however you see fit. In The *******County Court Claim No. ********* Between **********Claimant and *************** Defendant I am the defendant in this case and make this Witness statement in support of my defence in this claim. The matters set out below are within my own knowledge, except where I indicate to the contrary. 1. It is my understanding that the claimant is
  6. That's great, thanks. I understand that it's statute barred and that they can't pursue it, but I wondered if it ever gets officially cancelled so they stop sending me letters etc. And whilst I guess you are right that MCOL entry isn't doing me any harm, it still feels that the threat of them restarting the proceedings is always hanging over me.
  7. will that just sit there forever, waiting for the claimant to apply to lift the stay? Is there some point at which I can apply to have all the debt officially wiped? From memory I thought it was 30 years from the date of the final agreement but I'm happy to be corrected.
  8. For completeness, I have received another couple of NOSIA letters. I shall continue to ignore them. Still nothing from the courts, I know it is statute barred but the case is still appearing on the moneyclaim website.
  9. Here's the list of directions. Sorry about the picture, I'm no David Bailey.
  10. Hi folks, Today I received a letter from my local County Court telling me that a judge has allocated this case to the Small Claims track and that it will be heard remotely in April 2021. The directions given are that Each party must deliver to the other party and the court copies of all docs on which they intend to rely no later than 14 days before the hearing Original docs must be brought to the hearing Docs sent must include the statements of all witnesses. There's a fair bit of stuff in the directions but it all looks fairly standard an
  11. Hi folks, I've just checked on Moneyclaim and the last thing in the claim history is my defence that was submitted on 29th January. What happens now. I'm confident that the debt is SB'd but I wondered at what point the court kick the claim out, or whether it sits there forever, or if I have to do anything further to get the claim ceased? It's almost 3 months since I submitted my defence. I should like the security of knowing that this is no longer active and that Erudio can't drag me to court, but at the moment I just don't know what is happening.
  12. Hi folks, Hope you are all well. I just checked onto Moneyclaim and it says that the last history in the claim is that I filed a DQ. It's been 2 months now since I had the mediation call. Do I just sit and wait? Is there a time limit on what is to happen next? I've looked on here and as far as I can establish it's all now in the hands of the court to give us a court date - is this correct? Is it usual to not hear anything for 2 months? (and yes, I know that the courts might be running a reduced service because of Corona) I just want to
  13. Hi folks, I've just received the following letters from Erudio. I'm a bit confused because both letters say "Payment Received" and yet I've not made any payment of any sort on these accounts, nor have I been in touch with either Dryden's or Erudio. I've had a look on the Court website and under Status it simply says "Defence submitted", this was done on 29th January - what happens next and how long do Drydens/Erudio have before the court kick it out? Could they try and argue that because payment has been received that the debts aren't statute barred? (even though I have not
  14. Erudio sent me copies of the original agreements that I signed, which I received today. Funny to think of myself signing them all those years ago, I had hair then! Anyway, because this debt should be Statute Barred I think this is immaterial but I've noted it on here for completeness.
  15. Fab, thank you for all your help so far. I shall post when I next hear anything.
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