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  1. As advised, I filed on MCOL that the debt is statute barred. I have had an acknowledgement from the court and now further correspondence from drydens fairfax stating: The Notice of Default was sent to you on xx September 2017 and our client has 6 years from this date (the last action accrued) to recover the outstanding balance. The limitation defence which you have filed is therefore, without merit. They go on to request I settle the matter without need for further legal action and request payment by the end of the month (or a repayment arrangement).
  2. Name of the Claimant ? Erudio Student Loans Limited Date of issue –. 14 Dec 2020 Date to acknowledge) = 2/1/21 Date to submit defence = 15/1/21 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1 The Claimant claims £4000 for monies due from the Defendant 2 This debt was pursuant to a regulated agreement(s) between the Defendant and The Student Loans Company Limited. 3 The Defendant failed to make payments as per the terms resulting in the agreement(s) being terminated. Notice of suc
  3. Thanks for such a quick response. Can I just confirm what date I should be using here: 1 The Claimant's claim was issued on (insert date)? Is this the date of their first letter of claim? (June 2019?) or a different date?
  4. Hi, I need further help please. Following on from my previous descriptions above, the following has occurred: 17 Dec 2019 Letter received from Drydens Fairfax along with copy of credit agreement, statements of account, notice of default etc. The letter also stated "Please note that we are still awaiting further documentation in relation to this account therefore the account will remain on hold and we will contact you as soon as a response is received from our client." (No other information has followed to date, nor an acknowledgement that the account was said to be
  5. Thank you DX100UK. I sent the forum's reply pack and a formal request for a copy of the signed credit agreement and enclosed the postal order on the 27/JUN/2019. I sent the formal request direct to Erudio and a copy of the formal request to Drydens along with the reply pack. In it I stated that the debt was statue barred. I received no reply as yet. However on the 09/JUL/2019 I received another letter of claim which appears to be an exact copy of the initial one (which again states I have 30 days to respond). How should I deal with this in your opinion?
  6. Thanks for your prompt reply DX100UK. I have a complaint letter received following a phone call with SLC it is dated after all documents were sent to Erudio. It states that my last deferment was accepted on the 08/JUL/2013 and was due to expire on 01/APR/2014. Deferment documents had already been sent before the transfer and I was concerned that I had completed these and sent them to SLC. I was worried that although received by SLC and not accepted by them that that deferment had been forwarded to Erudio. I rang SLC as you suggested. They were help
  7. I have received notification from Erudio of their account transfer to a new agency, namely their solicitor Drydens Fairfax (dated 19/SEP/2018). Following this I waited to hear from Drydens and nothing came. They have now sent a duplicate of their notification with all the same account details (this one dated 31/MAY/2019). This was time it was subsequently followed by a letter from Drydens Fairfax Solicitors (dated 03/JUN/2019), they suggest this is a "Letter of Claim" claiming an Outstanding amount of nearly £4k. They include what appears to be an unbranded statement of a
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