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  1. No , no copy though our circumstances will not be exactly the same, I'm not sure about consumer credit act it was just the form from County Court it doesn't mention it. The original form for the insurance had stuff about it though.
  2. Yes, the one where you have to write down all your income and expenditure.
  3. Hi I'm looking for help and advice with an ongoing problem with Close Premium Finance part of Bank of Scotland. My husband took out an insurance policy in June 2006 for public liability with Alexander Forbes Risk Services which was financed and administered by Close Premium Finance. It was for a year but three months in he closed down the business and cancelled the policy. All instalments to that date were paid. Shortly afterwards CPF contacted him demanding he pay the outstanding debt of about £3500. He thought the account was similar to car insurance finance and argued with them that he had paid up to date and didn't have any of thir money. Since then they have taken him to court and was ordered to pay an amount far in excess of what he showed he could afford on the form. The bailiff came round and advised him to apply for a reduction of installments order which he did. That was almost 12 months ago and he heard nothing until a couple of months ago the letters started again demanding full payment which we cannot afford. CPF have now got another 'Warrant of Execution' and we don't know what to do. Do we apply for another reduction of installments order or what? Does anyone know? This is making him ill. He is working 60 hours a week to pay our mortgage and utilities as it is. I realise we have been niaive but this credit agreement is nuts it seems very unfair to demand money back which wasn't actually given to us. Any ideas anyone?
  4. I'm sorry to hear that, our boiler has very nearly had me gibbering in a corner! If it is continually locking out it could be the soldering on the PCB so I've learnt on another site - I think I now know more about these boilers than some plumbers - in which case if you're handy you can a) take it out and resolder all the joins, apparently its something to do with not using lead solder anymore and some pcb's had dodgy solder, b) buy a reconditioned one from "CET LTD" - for £50 quid, c) buy the complete left hand side, pcb + wiring for around £186 or d) jump up and down on it. Seriously though it's no joke forgive me for making light of it. Potterton make my blood boil. They have sold a product that is clearly not fit for purpose and now will not even acnowledge this, or face up and refund people their cash that they shouldn't have had to pay out in the first place. I think they know that the sum of money they would be paying out would probably cripple them. That said I am going to send them a letter asking for the refund. I don't hold out much hope but until something better turns up that's all we have got. We chose option c by the way and sold my hubbys watch on ebay who now won't release the money but that's another story. So far our heating is working ...
  5. I know you were talking about potterton boilers at the beg of Sept but as of tonight our boiler has packed up so can I add our story. Bought new bovis home june 2002 fitted with Potterton suprima 50L boiler no probs until end of 2003 when it started tripping out - constantly. Most of houses on the estate had same problem. Feelings ran high my husband nursed boiler along until eventally in 2005 it broke down completely. No heat, no hot water as we have this huge heat exchange thingy instead of a hot water tank. Supposed to be most efficent thing but we have no back up for hot water if boiler goes:mad:. Had to get a new PCB and found reconditioned one on web. This would have been okay except for the fact the damn thing still wouldn't work not one of the plumbers we contacted knew a thing about it. I had just had a heart attack and been diagnosed with congental problem with my aorta so had to give up work and money was short. Found fault to be overheat thermostat - relpaced it still didn't work. Finally my ex partner an electrican found the fault in a switch in the heat exchanger. Can be buy a new one? No I can't find one for love nor money so we have been running with hot water wired to heating switch and no money to fix it anyway. Then last month the fan packed up £119 for new which we don't have so yet again my fab hubby has made temp repair but tonight it has broken down for good it seems. We now have to choose to buy new PCB and new fan est £250 new £95 recon - but wouldn't get it for at least 3 days as it's Friday night - or pay the mortgage. I just don't know what to do I am at the end of my tether and although there is finacial light at the end of the tunnel - selling up my family inheritance, except my brother is being difficult so it's taking ages -I wonder which is going to happen first homelessness, firebomb the boiler or drop dead from all the worry. Potterton should be made to pay for new boilers/parts as I think a new boiler in a new house should last longer than 18 months without having to have a major repair. Does anyone know what we can do?
  6. Thanks slick132 I feared that was the case, at least it will be paid off.
  7. Help! Can anyone advise my son on Barclaycard helping themselves to money in his current account to pay off his Barclaycard? Basically out of the blue they have taken £500+ and left him with just £100 to last him 4 weeks till payday. He rang them and they said they were within their statutory rights to do this and had taken into account his DDs etc. When he pointed out that there was another DD set up but not activated until later this month they agreed to give him half back on the understanding that on his next payday he pays that half back. This is all well and good but this means that he won't be able to pay a full and final settlement he had agreed for another debt this month or pay his board as that's cash and they say there is no proof he pays it! I'm so bl***y angry with them as he's pulled himself out of depression, got a good job and has been working and slowly paying off his debts for the last year. Is there anything he can do?
  8. Just thought I'd post this gem though it may be common knowledge. Been looking to reduce our outgoings especially on gas and electric so when Southern Electricity knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to swop and showed me I could save £30+ on our current bills I could have hugged him. Great! Not, I've now been told that because we're new customers we have to pay £150 up front but will get it back after 4 paid bills. Needless to say we don't have that amount spare what with having to pay off what we owe on current suppliers bills. They make it so hard to get out of debt!
  9. Thanks everyone that's a lot clearer. He's happy to pay . . . well happyish but doesn't want his work to know, if he ticks the box on the form about this will the court not attach it to his earnings and make an agreement with him? I'm clueless!
  10. This is a debt that just refuses to go away no matter what I do. I'll explain. In may 2005 my son bought a car on finance through Mallard Finance, they insisted that I co sign and as he needed a car asap to get to his new job many miles away I agreed, he also bought PPI at the time. All was well and he paid by direct debit. In the spring of the following year he had a breakdown and became very depressed, lost his job and was under a pychiatrist due to me having a heart attack and being diagnosed with a rare life threating congenital abnormality. At this point Mallard told him he couldn't claim on his PPI as depression wasn't covered and eventually they repossesed the car. They then came after both of us. To cut a long story short CCJ's were issued against both of us. We couldn't pay so eventually they made a charge against our house. A few months later my son received paperwork from the court demanding that he make monthly payments, as he had started work again as a trainee he offered to pay £20 which as far as he knew was accepted. He set up a DD with Mallard, checked with his bank it was set up and promptly forgot about it. That was about 9-10mths ago. He has now had a form from the court asking for an attachment of earnings. When he rang the solicitors acting for Mallard they denied all knowledge of the £20 offer, the DD and said that they would never had agreed to it. They agreed to look into it but the only thing he has heard is the bailiff coming round with another form. Does anyone know if they can insist he pays if they have already secured the debt against me with the charging order and if they can what happens if my son clears the debt? Whew that was a long explaination hope someone can help. I've got other problems too due to being long term sick but I'll deal with them one at a time and post another day. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Just joined and wanted to say hi, hope I can get some help with my many debt problems seriously new at this forum posting lark so please overlook any mistakes I make lol.
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