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  1. I let my property through a letting agency 8 years ago and they have managed it ever since charging me ten percent per month for the service. I now want to manage the property myself and have advised them I wish to cancel their services. I have had the same tenant throughout the last 8 years so they say I cannot cancel my agreement with them. I have read through the agreement and it doesn't mention anywhere that I cannot dispense with there services. Advice Please?
  2. What stage are you at? have you sent your prelim letter
  3. Give it ago, you have nothing to lose
  4. I haven't started my pre 6 year claim yet, I was just going to have a read through some threads first.
  5. I initially claimed back 2001 - 2006 and was paid in full including court fees and interest. I intend to start a new claim for 1994- 2001
  6. Thanks Caro, I think you might be right about the FOS route. The pre 6 years is about £200 ish so I think I will wait a bit before starting the process again. I am happy with the outcome because it was all expected to get in the beginning and at least I hadn't started doing the bundle yet.
  7. The acceptance letter says... full & final settlement of all claims against the bank arising out of or in connection with this case. For the avoidance of doubt, by accepting the above sum, you agree not to take any further action against the bank in relation to this case, except to the extent that any such court action is neccessary to effect this settlement. So I think I am ok to bank the cheque as it does just say THIS claim only. I didn't end up amending the claim for my pre 6 years charges so hopefully I can go after those now. I will do the survey and make a donation, thanks to everyone on this site but especially Caro who always answered my queries and advised me throughout.
  8. Recieved a cheque yesterday for full amount including court fees and all interest.
  9. I don't know anything about contractual interest sorry. If YB acknowledged but didn't enter a defence within the 28 days then you have won by defauult and need to apply for judgement.
  10. They don't seem to be bothering with AQ's these days. Is the 28 days up yet from when the claim was acknowledged?
  11. Thanks welshlass2 for the encouragement and thanks again Caro for your advice, I will write today requesting a copy of their defence. Hope everything is ok after the flood caro!
  12. I know caro is unavailable at the moment but I just wondered if anyone could advise me on my situation with YB. My court date is 15th august and YB haven't submitted a defence. Any help welcome
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