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  1. Im so sorry this wasnt the outcome we hoped for but you saw it through to the end despite all the hiccups on the way and you should congratulate yourself for that! I agree on the getting information double checked. Good luck with getting the money you are owed! x
  2. That's what I thought! Seems like a certain bank dont train their staff properly eh! tut tut
  3. I have been told by someone that works for Lloyds that if they find out where you are they tend to chase you forever as bank accounts dont become SB and they use companies such as Lowell to find you because they drive you mad (they arent wrong)......Is this correct? I wont say the position of the person but you would think they would know as its the main part of their job!
  4. Too true....off to the library I go......now do I send it in my maiden name, that they are chasing, or in my married name which they obviously know due to finding my phone number from somewhere! Id still like to know how they have that!
  5. I would do this to them or the original debtor (SAR)?
  6. Id just like them to disappear and stop ringing, texting and harrassing me constantly and sending me 4 letters a week, soon ill be able to wallpaper my living room! Am I right in thinking that if its not shown on credit history its over 6yrs old and therefore SB? I just dont want to drop myself in it if I have made a payment that I dont remember!
  7. Thanks both, they dont know they have found me as yet so is it worth sending the stop harrassing me letter first and then the SB or just go straight in with the SB, also although im pretty much adament ive paid nothing for at least 6/7yrs is there a way I can check this without admitting liability? Thank you
  8. No apologies needed badaboom :)little update from me, sent the prove it letter at the end of september.....had nothing directly in response to it. Have today received a letter with the credit agreement reference number and date of credit agreement date for each of the accounts. One being 1999, one being 2002. They are still constantly calling my mobile and have now started with the house phone too (which is in hubbys name) and still chasing my maiden name......Think a letter telling them writing only is next because they are disturbing me in work and despite asking to be removed from the list and being assured i would be, it hasnt happened, 4 seperate employees later!!!!there is no way I have made a payment in the last 6yrs probably even longer than that....where do I go from here, the constant harrassment is really doing my head in!
  9. That's what I was thinking...Ive 'hopefully' stopped the mobile calls now, how on earth they got hold of that I wouldnt want to know....or would I?! Its not even in the name they are chasing! Where will I find the 'prove it' template? Its been a while since I've been on here Thanks for your help
  10. Forgot to mention in original post....much to my shock, I have received a notice of assignment!
  11. Thank you wasnt sure if it was better here or in WFS forum, my old home lol
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