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  1. Thanks. Seems very similar to what was sent for the original hearing. Only problem might be is Overtime. This is very very sporadic and unreliable so was not included in the original statement as to income expenditure.
  2. A CCJ was issued in the Northampton Clearing centre which agreed an affordable payment. Circumstances have not changed since and are unlikely to improve until March 2013. No payments have been missed, but it will take a long time to clear the debt at the current rate. The bank has requested a redetermination hearing for mid August. Suspect this is with a view to gaining leave to apply for a charging order (restriction) on the property as a next stage after that. Advice for what to do next is appreciated. Just very annoyed that further court charges will be needlessly added on.
  3. Thanks, it was just was I was thinking but needed to be sure.
  4. My mother organised a loan in my maiden name back in 1999 which she was servicing from her income. In May 2002 she died at which point I cancelled all outgoing payments from our joint account as I had my own personal account and there would be no money going in to the joint account. Following non receipt of a monthly payment the company contacted me at which point I explained the circumstances surrounding the original loan and that I did not work and there would be nothing left for any creditors from my mothers estate to make any payments or clear the debt. I heard nothing further from the loan company despite living at the same address as my mother for over two years following her death whilst the property was sold. Out of the blue almost six years later I get a letter from BCW at my new home where I have been for almost 4 years chasing payment. Advice is most appreciated.
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