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  1. Update, after receiving the "we will proceed without notice" letter I have heard nothing more from ARC on this matter. Of all the people in this thread HH seems to have been in the position most similar to mine, any news on your case? I guess it's wishful thinking to think they have gone away, but from my own experience in the industry, we had highly intractable debtors who were written off as lost causes. We would send them a letter every 6 months in the end, just in a speculative way to see if they would finally pay.
  2. Just got a response from Consumer Direct, here is the interesting part "Thank you for contacting Consumer Direct Wales. From a legal point of view, you can make a formal request for a copy of your executed agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and enclosed a postal order for £1. This request can only be made to the trader with whom you have the credit agreement, not the debt collectors." Now I'm a touch confused. My understanding of that section of the CCA was that after a debt was assigned to a DCA they would have the responsibility of responding to this request. Any a
  3. Okay, another letter in the offing.
  4. Letters of complaint gone off to CSA and OFT. We shall see what happens now.
  5. Reepo, yes, it was a credit card. Everyone else, thank you for your fast replies. Will get a letter out tomorrow and see if I can put the willies up them. EDIT: To Hefty, I know that the Trevor Munn letters are not generated by the solicitor, I used to work for a DCA and i saw how they play VERY fast and loose with their solicitor's writing paper. The fact that the postmarks and barcodes on the paper are the same kinda confirms it (this is true for ARC, DLC and global debt recovery).
  6. Right, I need a bit help here. My debt was recently moved from DLC to ARC since DLC obviously weren't getting the money in quick enough. ARC sent out the standard heavy handed letters, including a few on Trevor Munn headed paper threatening CCJ etc. I responded as recommended with a template CCA request (the original agreement was well before 2006), sending £1 on a postal order. ARC as expected sent it back telling me to get in touch with Egg, not them. All according to plan so far. I waited for ARC to send me another request for payment, to which I responded with one of the othe
  7. I've also just had my Egg account referred to these folks, has anyone experienced any luck with unenforceable agreement applications? Ta
  8. GodM, I hope this serves to prove the point I wanted to make about GDR. They/we are cowboys. Also, as a little treat, the man who owns GDR, Jack Bunyer, is a massive shareholder (£3mill?) in FV-1.
  9. Durt


    Also GM, pls don't be so bitter as to turn this into a slanging match, i want to help people.
  10. Durt


    ok, sunday, 22.27, iam here. post
  11. Durt


    Chris, this pls don't pursue this personally. I think i wil chose to ignore you. I want people to ask me questions about debt recovery, and i want answer the questions. This is not ****ing contest, you probably know more law than me. I am trying to help people. As are you. Stop fighting the good people
  12. GodM is on a good one here, TBH i don't know about SAR. As a debt collector it would be like telling an infantry soldier about the details of anthrax. Proof first, pay later. Ask the collector to provide proof of debt. Play the good guy, if they ask for money to provide proof of debt, agree, on a pro-forma basis.
  13. The part of the limitations act that you need to look at is section 32. It relates to evasion of debt based on lack of information supplied.
  14. Durt


    And i think i can expand on a point made by The godmother on threatening language. Threatening to take someone to court is not illegal. Threateneing to call someone three times a day until they pay a debt is not illegal. Threatening a ninety year old woman with bailiffs is not illegal. It's immoral. This is what I (and many other perfectly nice girls and guys like me) have to do to make a crust.
  15. Durt


    To The Godmother, those questions are vague. I can't speak for all DCA's. Ask me a question where i can you an authoritive, and not an emotional answer. To Lick, I don't want to say who i work for, I still need the money. To car, i don't have internet access at work, my boss doesn't trust me with google. The only people with unrestricted net access here have been here 15 years.
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