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  1. Can i ask you guys a question Im having trouble with a claim and im doing an appeal. To be honets i dont need anyhone to help me at all, i actually thought that the fact im doing the stuff myself means that im classed as caring for myself which therefore entitles me to the benefit?? Am i right or am i peeing in the wind?? Ed
  2. Just been thinking, ive been looking at the form that i sent to the DWP and i didnt put any stuff down about care needs. It asks if i need any help but i know i can manage myself so thats why i didnt put anything down So what way do i look at this , am i entitiled because i care for myself or do i have to have a carer for me to be entitled, i know it sounds odd, i mean ill hardly be able to say to them thatb ill stop caring for myself if they dont start playing ball. Im just unsurew about how to approach the whole thing Ed
  3. Well thanks for that, thats very helpful indeed, i will keep you posted Ed
  4. Im in the process of doing that, im writing a letter and basically im telling them they need to ring the people who know about my condition, like my community nurse. They have just gone off what ive put on the form and even though they have assessed it that way i feel they need to contact people on it to get a better understanding. Another thing that im worrried about is what job can i go for now that will take me seriously as even though theres laws to help and protect me , i know for a fact that companies are biased in this dept. Ed
  5. Hi people I have recently started dialysis, but during the run up to it i was told i could claim DLA. Now my situation is that im a full time student and im not sure if that is hindering me with my claim even though DLA is not means tested. Even though i care for myself and im quite able to do most tasks, i get out of breath after 20 mins , sometime i get dizzy spells etc. I have explained all this in the DLA form but they seem to take the fact that no one needs to help me as the main point and therefore the whole application gets throwns out. As a student im limited to what tim
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