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  1. As long as she sticks her chest out and smiles then thats not really a problem at this side of the bench. Then again from what I see she dont really have to reach.8-)
  2. You have to push youre bank to get them to settle out of court. I find the court option easier. Did I mention i liked the lass at the court desk?
  3. no its not a wod of leaflets ive collected. Its staff directions. along with questions and aswers. Of customer scenarios.
  4. The book doesnt have nay details of charging structure but details how the charges are applied and it dose use the terms we are looking for (ie penalty). The book is quite big and i have passed some of it already onto steven as he has requested it.
  5. Hi steven. It is now going through the court system. No reply from the banks yet. I have aproached them (lloyds) with info that clearly states that Northern Rock staff used to apply a penalty charging structure to account that are not penalty free. This is exact wording form the manual I was given when I worked for there headquarters.. The idea was to rattle the cages and the lady i spoke to said this info was way over her head. I showed her some of the case work I have got off cag and she said she didnt understand but she had a smile on her face and said the manager is off on a training course. The idea would be to comvince a a judge if they did not show up but I guess i can use this info on my account they closed when I left as a member of staff at Northern Rock. I no its a LLoyds case but we are compareing info from other banks which is what I have picked up on here when we go to court right.
  6. I have litrature from working at Northern Rock head quarters. This litrature is a staff handbook and it clearly tells me when there chargeing structure applies to an account. I have a staff contractwhich tells me I am able to use this book to do my work but it dose not tell me to expose of it when I leave. (thoug I am asked to not disclose any info.) (maybe they shouldnt have let me go.) this is back in 2004 and 2005 so the liitation period may still not apply to any claims. Could any ne purhaps offer me some advice before I release it. If you no what a penalty charge is you will mre than likely no how to use this guideance. Its prety clear stuff I hope. Would any one like it I am not online alot and I am using another pc I have acces to it to at least 8pm tonight. Folks I want to use this in a court case. Either directly or not.
  7. Not sure if steven would mind me mentioning this on his thread. I have made a claim for compensation on my bank charges and the claim amount is a 6 figure amount. I have got the county court to accept my claim and they are willing to hear it. I over heard one of the ladys in the branch saying my advice would be to settle his claim before it got to court. One of them said do you realise how much it is the other said yes. But we would recommend that the claim is settled. The branch stamped the claim form and the particulars of claim after they phoned head office. I am looking to see if we can get some sort of info from them As I am getting on quite well with one of the lasses inside of the branch. All bottles down to when they will settle. I have recived the Notice of Issue N205A form and it says the form will have been deemed served on the 8th of December. So they have until the 22nd. Ive my fingers crossed and a donation waiting when they settle.
  8. Been keeping my mouth shut for a while and getting on in the real world for a change. Is the Bundle at the start of the page still the best place to start?
  9. The account was opend in 2006. If memory serves me correctly.
  10. This is a response to my request for a true and full copy of a consumer credit act agreement.
  11. This has been done by the way. Lloyds still continue to refuse to ackonowldge me as a hardship case. I no they cant do this but they are.
  12. Hi seaside lady im trying to find the letter its here some where. But theyve said I dont qualify even no the court dissagreed the last time.
  13. Hi Seaside lady. I have previously taken Lloyds to court and managed to get a satisfied judgment recorded at least. The original claim I have made was settled before it got to court but I went any way. (Lloyds werent happy lets just say) They are still applying charges to my account though. I am now going to need to take them to court again. Hopefully the case wont be stayed this time.
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