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  1. Nope. Not yet. All we got is 'all we can do is apologise' and we'll see if another doctor has any free appointments next week.
  2. Really annoyed with this. Made private appointment with my wife because shes been ill recently. Turned up for appointment, showed us to waiting room, sat there for 30 mins. I went back to reception - turns out doctor wasn't even there, she'd been on maternity leave for 7 weeks! I'm self-employed consultant so this waste of time has cost me a fair bit of money. If we hadn't showed for appointment hospital would have charged us for a missed appointment. I'm going to complain but surely they should compensate me for any loss? And don't even get me started that theres now a f
  3. I guess this is better than having to pay the whole policy with 0% NCD. But I guess with admin fee it could be a few £. At the moment, I sent them NCD from end of previous insurer (3 months ago) because I didnt have this new one. Probably should sent them that when I do get it? Are there any rules that state you have to send the absolute latest NCD? Will the insurer I just cancelled even send me this since it was only a part year in effect? (Both will say 9 years full though I guess).
  4. Just sold my old car. Worked out better to cancel insurance and start again with another company so I did this (or thought I had). Anyway, started new policy then realised I hadnt heard from first insurer. Phoned them and they hadn't cancelled policy. This meant I had two insurances both using NCD. I know the rules state that you can only use NCD for one policy. I thought first one had been cancelled. Friend tells me that, strictly speaking, I had no right to use NCD when 2nd policy started so even though its sorted now insurer could tell me that NCD is not valid (because I had
  5. Not even answering the new customer number now. Doesnt bode well.
  6. Lots of people getting problems with these jokes at the moment myself included. Seems the last few weeks they aren;t even answering the phones. Been trying to sort out problem with MILs broadband for weeks but there are some people without a phone and they just can't get through to them. Rumour is they're in financial trouble. Basically, myself included, there are people paying for a service and not getting it. Not sure where to go next with this - can't complain if you cant speak to them. Cancelling the DD won't do much because you still wont have a service.... Anyone got any i
  7. My wifes a nurse and she occasionally gets to do private work at the weekends for which the pay is very good. However, shes just been banned for 3 MONTHS because of her sick record !!!!! (its not that bad). I was wondering whether an employer can legally do this?
  8. My wife has had a few sick instances recently - nothing too major but one of these was due to a car crash she was involved in. Anyway, she had a sickness interview at work, and has been told that shes now 'banned' from overtime at work for 3 months. The overtime in question is well paid (compared to the job!) Shes not the only one in the department to suffer like this (About 1/3 of the staff are similarly banned). Can an employer make up their own rules and punishments like this?
  9. It seems that this sort of behaviour is pretty much the norm for Cool New Mobile judging by this:- http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=187496 Looks like quite a few people have issued a summons, and then CNM have paid up eventually. I guess its easier for them to pay these instances rather than have the hassle of going to court and pick on the people who dont bother to fight it.
  10. Hmmm. Well, did one of these things - sent the item by recorded delivery !!!! Didnt have the contents check (obviously!) or copy ALL the documents I sent (did copy the bills)...
  11. To be honest, I dont think they're about to go bust or anything like that. It seems that people have been complaining about them for a few years at least so theres no reason to think they're going to disappear any time soon! However, it does appear that 'some' people have had no problems with them and do get their cashback. Quite why they've decided to pick on me - I dont know. Perhaps if they're having a bad month with a lot of cashbacks they'll pick a percentage at random to disallow ??? Surely, if I get a judgement, then I can enforce it and I will get my money (assuming they dont
  12. I'm having problems with Cool New Mobile.... Sent me claim off with all the documentation on time. Had email to say they recieved it etc. Waited for two months, had email to tell me cheque was going to be sent. Then I recieved a letter telling me that I hadnt included one bit of documentation (I HAD !!!) and that this and future claims would be invalid. Total lost £420 !!!! Even though this piece of documentation was included on the claim form (its original despatch note), the T+Cs when I took the contract out did not mention this at all. I notice now T+Cs have been changed to
  13. 6 months ago started a mobile contract where after x months you send a bill in and claim cashback.... Anyway, did this a few months ago, and send all the relevant docs as per the terms and conditions of the offer. Today I have had a letter telling me my claim has been disallowed because the handset despatch note was missing from my claim. Funnily enough, this letter was recieved 1 day after the 60 day limit on claims had passed, so I cant sort it out, so they're not going to pay at all... However, a few things to note:- 1. I did sent the despatch note wi
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