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  1. I’ve been getting debt collection letters from a number of different companies but I don’t recognise any of them. I signed up to one of the credit rating agencies to find out who I owed money to. But that didn’t help. It just lists the debt collection company and the amounts they say I owe them. The amounts are staggering. now I was caught out once before by a debt collection agency saying I owed money but not who to and I just paid it. It wasn’t till after this that I found out that some agencies just send letters demanding payment for a non existent debit. On my credit report it says I owe money to the debt collection agent but there are no records of any original debt. no unpaid loans or credit cards. so what do I do? I had a serious brain injury so I have memory problems and some untreatable mental illness. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  2. Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner and that I wasn’t clearer. The situation is this. I had a pay as you go sim and wanted to change to a VOXI pay monthly account. the guy on the phone said I’d need a new sim that would be a standard pay monthly sim. He told me that once I got the sim then I could call and have it put on a VOXI account. I agreed but at some point in the,l ong conversation after he ordered the new sim he said that in-fact I didn’t need a new sim and could just change my pay as you go sim into a VOXI sim. so he did that. I assumed that that was the end of the matter. I had done what I set out to do. And didn’t think about the ‘new’ sim because it was not needed. I assumed he had cancelled it because it was not needed. then in January I get a letter saying I was behind on my phone bill. I called them and that’s when I found out the ‘new’ sim had been ordered but never arrived .
  3. Sorry. Xcd short for cancelled and VOXI is a Vodafone subscription that was only available to students. I was paying £10 per month on pay as you go for less data and text. VOXI was offering 12gb plus unlimited talk and text for the same price. I originally called to get a VOXI sim. I asked if I needed to order a new sim then get it set up on VOXI then cancel my PAYG account and transfer my old PAYG phone number to the new VOXI sim card. At first he said I’d need a new site and that it would be 24 months contract but that I could then transfer the account to the VOXI service, owned by Vodafone. However, after he ordered the sim he said that actually I could just transfer the PAYG sim straight to VOXI and keep my old number. I said that would be great. I assumed that there would be no new sim since it was clear that I didn’t need it now. But he didn’t cancel the new sim. They say they posted it bu I never got it. I assumed that it was all ok. I wasn’t expecting the new sim and no new sim arrived. I was happy. then about two months ago I got a bill. I tried the online chat to resolve it. I was on for hours being passed from person to person. like I said I have a brain injury and when I get stressed or tired I can think. However, they eventually transferred me to someone who could help and he dropped the chat as soon as I said hello. Faced with the prospect of starting again I decided to wait. But of course I have short term memory problems and forgot all about it till today. today I phoned and it was the same run around. After 2.5Hrs I was advised by a really nice lady to call customer complaints as they have the ability to cancel the account if they want to. I was told to wait a while to make sure that all the notes on my account were upto date. I came on here to see if I can get any advice/help before I call customer complaints. And now to you. Thanks for reading my post and responding. I’m sorry it was not clear . I am getting tired now and I make mistakes when I’m tired. I did repeatedly tell them I didn’t get the sim and they offered to send a replacement one free of charge. But not to cancel the account.
  4. last year I had Vodafone pay as you go. And I wanted to switch to VOXI. i call up and the guy says you need a new SIM card and when you get it put it in your phone and call us to get you on voxi. no sim arrives I think it’s been xed. Then I get a bill for four month line rental. I call up and even though I never got the sim and it was never activated. I have to pay £240 early termination fee plus back line rental. is there a contract if the sim is not received and is never connected to the network, just to be clear this is a sim only thing. No new phone. any help please? thanks
  5. Did something like this about six years ago to reclaim old banking charged. But recently was told none of my previous visa of mortgage paper work can be found. Platform, I'm told went bust a few years ago.
  6. Hi folks. I had ppi sold on my in shop loan on my credit cart with nat west on the CC with halifax on first mortgage with Halifax second mortgage with Halifax on final mortgage with platform loads on my capital one credit card. I have a brain injury and just an not dabble to fight this properly. I'm tired of people taking the mickey and just ignoring my request or just confusing me so I can't proceed. I now tony have any of the paper work except the platform loans. Everything else is lost. It all goes back over 18 yrs. can I get some one to help? I don't mind paying a fee. Thanks for your time John. We realy could use the money as am retired with my occupational pension. I don't get any benefits. In fact they took over three thousand from me when my pension paid out. I've had enough nowSeeing my family suffer day after day because I can't work. Our son had ADHD heating bills are in the thousands. To be honest they would be better off if u was dead. It least they would get more help and still claim a widows pension some one please help.
  7. Hi everyone, My wife and I just bought a new car (well new to us). The car was from a small used car dealer in east Kilbride. The clutch fail just yesterday, two week after we bought it. We called th dealer who told us that he was not going to repair the car and we could not get our money back either. Well we did some more digging today and discovered the car had failed it's mot two weeks before we bought it. The car subsequently passed it mot the next day but with advisory notices. When we bought the car we were just given the mot without the advisory notice. We got in touch with the dealer who has now said he cannot do any thing as his boss is abroad for two weeks. We paid over £3000.00 for the car so no small claims ( we're in Scotland). Can anyone help. Dose any one know of a lawyer in south west Scotland who could help. I am not working just know due to a brain injury I acquired last year so we're on benefits just now. So if any one knows a lawyer who will take legal aid or who will pursue the dealer for fees I would appreciate it. We live in a very remote area and have two children one of whom is disabled. So the car is very important. Thanks for the help John
  8. Hi everyone. I finally got a reply this morning telling me that mobiles.co.uk must have the handset returned within 48 hrs or I would be liable for the full contract. Rubbish i thought. Here is the reply Hello Mr Phillips, I have set up a return for cancellation for you, please follow the instructions below. We can confirm your returns number is xxxxxxxxxx for IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxx We request that you send this package back to our warehouse via Royal Mail Special Delivery within the next 2 days. If the goods are not sent back to our warehouse within the next 48 hours and the disconnection fails due to lateness then you will be held liable for the contract as you have been informed of frame for return. All equipment included in the package, which may include a free gift, needs to be sent back to our warehouse in the original packaging. You MUST RETAIN the SIM card (expect for a sim onlydeal) sent to you as you are responsible for the safe disposal of the SIM card. You are liable for any charges incurred against your account until it is terminated. If you use the SIM card after we have set up this return for cancellation it may prevent your account from . When sending this package back please include the following: Invoice – Showing name and address Returns number All accessories which came with the handset Free gift (if there is one on the order) All goods need to be in original packaging. Once the warehouse receives this package back within the 14 day cancellation time frame the contract will be sent for disconnection with the network. This can take 3-5 working days to . We request that you contact Talk Me Though It TMTI Gadget phone support on 0870 429 6091 and Phone Care Insurance on 0870 111 7002 to notify them that you are cancelling the order . Should you have any further queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Sorry about the editing but I had to use my iPad and it has crap basic editing features. Well the phone was posted this morning by next day delivery but even that on a Saturday will not get to them befor Tuesday. So any advice? Can they really insist the phone must be in the warehouse in two days? Thanks John ==== Lubna Aziz Correspondence Advisor Mobiles.co.uk -- Mobiles.co.uk Customer Services Team http://www.mobiles.co.uk
  9. Hi yes I did do a check online at the orange web site. I put my postcode in and it said I was good for voice text and email. I have sent an email to mobile.co.uk asking for cancelation. So will post as soon as I get a reply. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I got a new mobile phone today. It was from online web sales mobiles.co.uk. I had researched which carrier to go with and after checking oranges web site i decided that they were the ones. However, when i got it i tried to use it with the free pay as you go sim that was also in the box. No signal so i roamed around the house trying to get a signal, none. So out i went to try getting a signal, none anywhere in the village. So i want to return it. the contract sim was in an envelope marked "by inserting the encolsed sim in your handset and using it , you have signified your acceptance of the terms and conditions enclosed and will not be able to return your handset or cancel your air time contract under the consumer protection (distance selling) regulations." So since i did not use the service can i still return it? Thanks for the help.
  11. Insurance said it was not caused by hitting a pothole but mechanical failure but they will repair as I said in my last post, they paying £900 and me the rest
  12. I can't remember what the parts are but insurance man said they had broken because of wear and tear.
  13. The independent assessor has said it is repairable and they will pay £900, I have £250 excess to pay plus an extra £150+ for parts that aren't covered by the insurance. Could I contact them and ask them to scrap the car and pay me out? Someone has said you can do that, but I am not sure if you can and if so, how to go about it. I would value any help please. Thanks
  14. We had a phone (after my email to the insurance company asking them for a written explanation of their finding) saying that they were going to send an independent assessor to look at the car but I have heard nothing since. I will let you know if and when I hear something. Thanks
  15. Hi I was wondering if any one can help. My mother in law has recently had an accident in her car. While driving home from our house she hit a pot hole and broke the rear axle of the car. This happened last Friday and after some poor service the insurance underwriters have said the fault is mechanical faliure and as such is not covered by the policy. Can any one help? What rights do we have in this, and how do they determine the difference between accidental damage and mechanical failure. Can any one help us to get this sorted out? Thanks very much for your help. John
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