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  1. I had a default on my credit file from Next Directory on 2004 which had fallen off my credit report by 2010. I recently settled the account for 50% of the remaining balance but when I checked my credit report today, the account is back on the file. It has no mention of the default, it just says settled in Feb 2014. The problem is that it has a note underneath stating that it is a partial settlement. Can this account go back on my file? I don't want a partial settlement on my file for the next 6 years. Looking back at an old credit report, it was on Experian, but I'm not sure if it was on Equifax.
  2. Thanks for this, there is some great stuff in there that relates to this: Point 11... Accounts should normally be filed as being in default where those payments due have not been received for six months. 24. If the payment set out in the DMP is at a level that represents only a token sum in repayment, because that is all the customer can afford, the account should be recorded as a default. ... The record should be removed six years from the date of the default so that the customer is not disadvantaged over those who have made no effort. I'll write a letter arguing these points, if I had made no effort to pay the debt, the default would have been off my file by now. I'll let you know how I get on.
  3. I have been in a DMP for nearly 8 years now and all of the defaults have dropped off my credit file, apart from one from Capital One for a credit card with a balance of £254. Most of the other creditors defaulted me before or near the start of my DMP in 2005 with Payplan but Capital One didn't default until December 2008, which means I've got another year and 5 months with this default on my file. They agreed to the arrangement to pay from 2005 and even put Arrangement To Pay on the credit file before the defaulted me. I want to get out of this rented house and buy a nice place for me and the kids but it's looking unlikely until after this has dropped off the file. Is there any way I can get this removed due to the late default? I haven't payed it off yet but can do if it means it will be removed. Thanks in advance.
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