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  1. Hello all, I have been very busy on behalf of the British Tax-payer and unable to keep up to date with CAG matters, glad people are still reading 'my story' though, all I can say is that whatever happens, keep cool and keep checking the latest on the CAG, ask if you don't understand and read as much as you can. It is so worth it in the end, just getting your money is great, but knowing that the Bank has listened to you (not just a number) is a great feeling. TTFN BC:cool:
  2. Louise, I agree with LL, it's a very emotive addition that won't actually gain you anything. The facts of the matter are that thee Banks are in the wrong and you are using the legal service to enable you to recoup your charges. Try and remain aloof, you have the high ground and you don't need to get yourself worked up and angry unecessarily. LoL BC:cool:
  3. Jo, just PM'd you, but like Willow says, STICK TO IT! Until they cough up, they are in the wrong, it is your money and how great would it make Christmas for you to have it all back? BC:cool: (BC is back from afar!)xx
  4. Blue, finally I get to say... Congratulations!! BC xXx:cool:
  5. Oo-er, now you've got me. I pointed out this interest from the outset. Maybe I got it wrong, "in my day" we didn't look that hard at the contractual interest. Doh! I've got myself confused now...... Sorry, going back under my stone now.... BC:cool:
  6. Alison, you add the 8% at LBA stage (it's mentioned in the letter template). Don't forget to send a copy of the schedule with your letters. BC:cool:
  7. T4FF, certainly sounds like you mean business. Keep holding out, there's a big glut of claims being paid out at the mo and I just hope yours is in the pile somewhere. BC:cool:
  8. Alison, I used the very basic spreadsheet and just applied the 8% interest, I couldn't be banjaxed with working out all the hard sums. Too much effort for this poor bear. At the end of the day, you have to work out what you want to end up with, for me the 8% was enough to help clear my overdraft and no mistake. Bang the figures in and see what the answer is, if you like it, go for that. If that's not enough then you have to read through Vampiress' google spreadsheet (needs a good while and a very clear head mind). Sup to you!! BC:cool:
  9. Cheers guys, what can I say, but I am sooo chuffed! BC:cool:
  10. YEAH !! DH is a winner!! Yet ANOTHER case against the RBS has closed in favour of US!!! BC:cool:
  11. Many thanks for all the goodwill messages, I know you guys mean goodwill in the good ole fashion sense!! Col's Caff may close in it's true form, but I will not be casting aside this forum, I will be here waiting, watching and acting on your behalfs... If you call, I will come!! BC:cool: MANGE TOUT!!
  12. Stuart, a lovely cheque hit my doormat yesterday morning!! BC:lol:
  13. Cheers Everyone! If you're reading this and still thinking about it, don't! Just get on and do it. The sooner you start the ball rolling the sooner you'll feel as good as we all do!! BC:cool: It's just a shame that Col's Caff will have to close, I'd got some great plans for expansion: the Cobblers Bar, special 50% deals, mispelt specials and threatening looking prices; the Mclean Room, all fur coat and no knickers, leather look pvc sofas that really are not comfortable and coffee that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth! Ho hum...... Mange Tout!! BC:cool:
  14. Oh Willow, you are so right. My family have been waiting for my results, they can now smell the blood.... Bring it on..... BC:cool:
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