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  1. Ha! That's a brilliant idea! Unfortunately, my ability to speak welsh (at this present moment) is limited to the national anthem (of course!), "I can play football", "I like coffee" and "no cycling" (which I've recently learnt thanks to the signs around the parks where I live). :-D:p:-D
  2. Thanks for your input both, the harrassment letter is useful - I've seen it elsewhere although I'm by no means being hassled at the moment so don't need this right now - no doubt I may need it over the forthcoming weeks. I will certainly include it in my letter now then and the point about all future contact to be made in writing is great, hadn't thought about that. Cheers both.
  3. Hey guys, not been on here for a fair amount of time and this time round the purpose of my questions is quite a bit different I'm currently seeking advice from National Debtline with regards to our current financial circumstances Very brief summary of our situation is that I am currently in the process of setting up an IVA. I am currently awaiting a form from NDL to complete to set it up and have been advised to send letters to my creditors asking them to hold off for a while as I sort my situation out. On the off chance, I thought I'd pop on here to see if there was anything useful in terms of letter templates and sure enough CAG never fails me Anyways, I'm now in the process of putting together letters to each of my creditors based on the request to hold off on action template from here but I have a question that I've spent around 2 hours trying to find an answer on but just can't find anything conclusive. The missus is getting a little frantic right now over the fact that she has recently started receiving phonecalls from creditors at work...not threatening ones IMO but initial contact trying to get her to bring one of her CCs to within its limit. The point is it's hit home that...for both of us...this will only get worse and the prospect of creditors galore ringing work phone numbers is unthinkable. So, here is what I'm after, basically I want to request the removal of work and mobile numbers from their records as it is neither appropriate or convenient for either of us to discuss financial matters at work. We have no issues in speaking with our creditors but it is simply not possibly for us to discuss such sensitive matters during work hours. Can I simply do that? Should I include it in my letter requesting them to hold action on my account? Should I do it seperately? Are they required to comply? If they were asked to remove details and then didn't, where do I stand? Is this something that the ICO would be interested in? I do realise through a long and mainly successful history with CAG that banks being required to comply and actually complying are two different things but I'm just wondering where I stand? Cheers all and thanks in advance.
  4. Hey all Just after some information as to where I stand with this. Bought a Fujitsu/Siemens (F/S) laptop around 16 months ago from Laptops Direct. The battery has been noticeably deteriorating since the day I got it and in all fairness I should have done something about it sooner but that's a different story.... The battery has recently taken a dramatic turn for the worse and now I cannot use the laptop unless it is plugged in. If I was to remove the power adapter, the laptop switches itself off after about 20 seconds. In normal circumstances, my laptop is set up to hibernate when the battery reaches a critical state (i.e. not much power left) in order to ensure no data loss - it now simply switches itself off instantly as there is not even enough power to initiate the hibernation!! I have contacted F/S directly with regards to this and they have replied: Did that - battery is £90 incl VAT & delivery, so I went back to F/S to say: To which F/S have replied: So before I reply I just wanted to know where I stand. The battery running out after 20 seconds is definitely NOT fit for purpose, but does a laptop battery qualify? Also, is there any central reference on this site with the rules? Not easy with looking through other peoples threads, no idea what SOGA is so not easy for me to understand where I stand and provide a decent argument! Thanks
  5. OK thanks for response, familiar with the FOS process as used this for bank charges. Will keep you informed of any updates.
  6. This has moved on a bit from my last update and for one reason or another I haven't paid this the attention it derserved and things have got a bit off track. Having popped in the other day to ask a question, it got me thinking I should be sorting this out properly so here is my update.... A prelim letter was sent to BC some time at the beginning of the year and in March I received a letter from BC that in summary says: It's just under 10 weeks since I received this letter. Just wondering what people would advise I do? Should I start again with a fresh Prelim? In my mind, I'm thinking that it would probably be better to start afresh although I may lose out on a couple of quid as the oldest payments will drop off where it's been a few months since I put my first complaint in. Just out of interest, has the process changed any since the beginning of the year? Don't have chance to review it all right now, if someone can say "Yes" or "No" this will at least give me an indication of whether I have to do some extra homework. I know the process reasonably well having made a handful of other claims....
  7. Good point and something I have relayed - as I said this (honestly) isn't me, but a forum member of the fish forum I use. This is obviously only valid if they said "I have this size tank, recommend me some fish". Thanks for you input all. GD, sorry I'm not an experienced fishkeeper by any stretch of the imagination and just a few tropical fish in a tank
  8. Hey both Gosh a golden oldie lol Hope all is well, it seems the site is going from strength to strength. Going to be putting my CAG cap back on soon, once I put down my FISH cap
  9. Hi all, not been on here for a while....hope all is well. Will be returning soon when I pick up my fight against Barclays on PPI. In the meantime, I have a query I wanted to run by you helpful lot to see what your opinion is. Basically, I have a query about buying fish - in particular goldfish. Bit different to the norm, but it does have some context (I think ). If an aquatic shop was to recommend that I could put 3 goldfish in a bowl and once I'd bought them I found out they were not suitable (because the tank is too small for them), would the aquatic shop be under obligation to accept the fish back? In my head, this is some form of mis-selling or misleading isn't it? I keep fish myself and this isn't my problem personally, but a fellow (fish) forum member has been sold 3 goldfish for a tank that is not suitable, they are all ill (after just a week) due to being in a confined space and the aquatic shop is refusing to take them back on the grounds that they don't accept returns. Given my ties with this site in the past, I thought I would run it past you guys to see what you think? Thanks in advance.
  10. Great stuff, unforunately I've sent it without waiting for review. This will come in handy if I need to press further....
  11. Followup to the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) went out this week: I know I shouldn't have waited so long to get to the point of forcing disclosure but I've been doing so many claims at the moment I can't keep track Just helped the other half's sister to around £4k back from MBNA in charges and have helped my best mate to £500 from Lloyds (charges), now taking the fight to Natwest (charges), Beneficial / HFC (PPI) and MBNA (charges) for him too along with doing the charges on the above credit cards for the missus too.
  12. Hey, know this probably best in the BC forum but wanted to get a bit of a larger exposure. Currently doing bank charge claims for the other half's credit cards. Halfway through - just had first offer letter from Barclaycard and they've done something I've not seen before. My OH settled her CC in April 2005 - zero balance and (we believe) closed the account. Now we've not had any correspondence on it since - statements or promotional mail the like - yet BC have said that they have refunded the money to her account. Sure enough the same day she gets a statement from BC for this CC with a credit balance for the amount of the offer. We don't have any recent credit files available to check whether the account was at any time classed as settled or not. I have no issues with the refund having been put on to a CC, I have no issues with getting the money of it but what I'm confused about is we believe that BC have essentially reopened a CC for her without her permission. Is that possible?
  13. Been reading more this morning and might have hit a brick wall. All four accounts were pre-2005 so probably not going to be able to go down the FOS route. Going to dig a bit more about this.
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