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  1. Thanks for that. Will it do any good to phone HSBC at all and see what they say. Gill
  2. Hi my husband and I have had to take court action against HSBC to try and reclaim our charges. HSBC has until 13th June to respond to the courts, I'm not sure if I should be doing anything like sending information about charges etc to anyone if it goes to court. (does this make sense, cant think of the right words I'm so stressed). Thanks Gill
  3. Hi My husband and I have been receiving regular calls from Metropolitan regarding our debt. When we were having financial difficulties we went to Payplan for help, they are dealing with our payment to Metropolitan, these people are refusing to acknowledge that payplan are dealing with this debt and they keep harassing us on the phone and by letter. The last time they called they threatened to go straight to my husbands employer for their money and keep saying we are in arrears. We have not missed a payment but they continue to intimidate us on the phone. Can anyone please suggest anything we can do to stop them phoning. Thanks
  4. Georgia Sorry for the delay in responding, but thanks for the information you posted, I've set up another bank account and I'm just about to do the court action thing with the bank charges, the bank replied that they are dealing with my query and will get back to me, that was weeks ago. Still don't know whether I'm doing the right thing going for the bank charges, but I may be glad I did if they pay the money back.
  5. Many thanks for the reply I'm certainly going to send the letter today. As for the statements letter I sent it in April, but didn't follow it up because we couldn't afford to carry on with our loan repayments and Payplan were involved. I am keen to do something about it all, but wasn't sure what to do.
  6. Hi I'm new to this site and not sure if I can claim back my charges. My husband and I were being charged huge bank charges a few months ago, I decided to try and recover some charges so I sent the first letter with a cheque to HSBC asking for the bank statements, they cashed my cheque and never replied. Meanwhile things had got really bad financially so we went to a company called payplan who are now dealing with our creditors on our behalf. HSBC are refusing to acknowledge this and they phone me at least once every day, and on occasion have been quite intimidating I now refuse to speak to them, but they just keep calling. The charges are still going on my account and they won't do anything about this unless we agree to a new loan. Can I still go for the bank charge refund or not. I would really appreciate any advice anyone can give as this keeps me awake at night worrying where it will all end, do we have to declare ourselves bankrupt to get out of this mess?
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