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  1. Hello! I have checked my Equifax report which states that two debts were delinquent on x date and settled on x date. Are these defaults? At the top of the report it states 1 default (which when you scroll down is from 3g) so it appears correct. Would a mortgage lender see the delinquent records and count them as defaults?..... 'Elp!
  2. Even though I have had a few letters confirming they will not collect on the account, they have no transferred the account back to reliable collections who are threatening for payment and charges....nasty letter duly sent off!! Bunch of frickin f*ckwits!!!
  3. How can they run random credit checks willy nilly, surely you only sign up for the initial credit search to open the account?
  4. Hi! The o/h has an account with Next and has a limit of about £350 and is about £100 into that. He has had problems in the past with keeping up payments, as in up to 6 weeks late with payment, but is and has been up to date for past year. Today he recieved a letter stating that they are withdrawing his credit facility and if he wants to know more to write to experien?? His internet account won't allow him to log in, so he rang up and Next told him with the current market they have a responsibility as a lender to not lend to people who could get into debt and have conducted a rec
  5. Thanks for confirming my thoughts, it's tosh isn't it what they have said, they HAVE to comply with a CCA request don't they, they cannot just say, well we tried but we didn't get one when we bought the debt?? At the bottom of the letter they also state that as a gesture of good practice they will update his credit file to show the debt is paid when I settle???!?! Good practice? Er, legal practice mate!!! Bunch of feckwits have wound me up with they letter which is full of bollox if you ask me!! Should I write back to them?
  6. Well, well!! Aktiv Kapital have finally written back!!! 6 months later!!!! They have said in a nut shell that they bought the debt from Barclays however they did not buy the paper work or the liabilities of the orginial creditor so do not have to produce the CCA???? They also state that 'out of good practice they asked Barclays for the CCA, which has apparently been lost?????? I think this is complete tosh myself?? They have offered a 50% reduction of the debt if paid within three weeks from the date of their letter, reducing the debt to £600, however I do not think they have any rig
  7. Well, the police have decided they can't do anything and her solicitor says there's nothing much more he can do so we are going to put in a county claim form - can anyone help with wording etc?
  8. Help! My mom has just had a bailiff from CCS Enforcement Services LTD call at her house for £420.59 business rates from an old property 2005/2006 and has refused to accept a payment of £50 a month or anything higher, told them to put their dog away or he would get the dog warden to take her away and also said he would back tomorrow to break down the door change the locks and take their furniture. My mother has rang his supervisor who said any plan must be offered to the bailiff himself, the council have also declined any payment offer and everyone is referring her back to the bailiff
  9. Thank you for the reply Poppynurse - there is not family member on either side she can ask but I will refer her back to her solicitor on the next step.
  10. Surely someone could offer some advice?
  11. Hi! Could anyone offer any advice please? A friend bought a sofa from Land of Leather last October for the house she was sharing with her partner. He became violent, so she left, although it was her name on the house (which has now after 6 months been taken off) but he has not allowed her to come back and take her things, including clothes, family airlooms (sp?) and the new sofa which is in her sole name as it is on a 4 year credit deal. She has been to a solicitor who has sent three letters to no avail as he has no responded. So I thought we could issue a county court claim for th
  12. Somebody please change my title and move to the success section please?
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