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  1. Hiya, thank you ever so much for your replies, I will do that. There is no damage to my car at all, have checked it all this evening. Obviously if I did do it I would have stopped and I would have felt it surely? But I genuinely didn't know anything about it until he came up to me this evening. I think he probably knows it was a long shot as he asked me to pay for the repairs rather than go through my insurance company, but I said that I wanted to ask my insurance company to see where I stood, rather than agree to give him cash for the repairs. If I do go to the police and say they find in
  2. Hi there, I would be most grateful for people's thoughts on this as really undecided what to do. The story begins with going to pick up my kids from gymnastics this afternoon. A man came to my car and said that I ran over his bike that was laying on the floor in a private car park. I asked him if he had photographic evidence, he said no and I asked if he saw me do it and he said no, but he got my reg number driving away, apparently his six year old daughter saw me do it. I said there are lots of cars coming to and from and it definitely was not me. He said that his daughter saw me and ha
  3. I am exactly in the same position so would be interested for advice too. I asked a couple of years back for my PPI refund but they said no
  4. Okay. Thank you so much for the Property Week Link, that is great. I am a little concerned now though because the order for the sofa was in my name and then we paid with my husband's credit card. Obviously the card being in his name. Having read the section 75 stuff it looks like we may not be able to do the chargeback thing, because of this. Arrgghh!! Wish I knew all the stuff before things go belly up!! Anyhow thank you so much for your replies and I will get onto it straight away and see what we can do. Thank you all again:-)
  5. Wow, that is brilliant thank you so much for that link!! I was not aware of that at all. You learn something new everyday!! Do you think I need to prove that the company are not doing anything about it and write a letter of some sort? At the moment there have only been telephone communications between us, but they are just fobbing us - I am guessing so the time lapses and we cant do the chargeback thing? Do we also ask the credit card to take back the whole amount? and what happens once the bank has done this - of they do do the company then have to recover the money from us?
  6. Hiya We bought a sofa from Easy Living Furniture and payed for it in full on a credit card. Luckily it was delivered to us a day after they went into administation. The colouring is not right on one part of the sofa and as we spent a lot of money we would like them to fix it. However as they have gone into administation they say that they will not currently do anything about it. How do we stand with this now? Also our sofa should have a 2 year warranty who now covers this? If it is covered at all? Thank you so much for any help anybody can give. kiri261080
  7. Thank you so much for your post, unfortunately they know it is me, already been stupid enough to confirm this. They have given me 10 days before they send round a doorstep collector or issue a court claim. Am I right in saying that if they have lost my agreement which it looks like they have, they will not able to take me to court anyway? Do not really want a doorstep collector to come round especially in front of my two young children.
  8. Hiya I was wondering if I could have some advice. I have received a collection letter from Westcott chasing me for a debt that was with Beneficial Credit Card and I believe from memory it was with HFC?. I asked for my original credit agreement a couple of years ago from Capquest and they could not produce it. I received a lot of phone calls and lots of letters threatening action but I kept on saying that I will not pay anymore money until you produce my agreement. All went quiet until two weeks ago and Wetcott contacted me and said they were collecting this debt on behalf of HSBC?? Is th
  9. The plot thickens!! I have dug all my old stuff out and found the debt I think they are talking about. I think it was with HFC bank - which is why I did not reognise it as they said HSBC but they are one and the same aren't they? Took my a while!! The debt though was with Capquest and I was paying Capquest until I asked for the original agreement which they didn't produce and I stopped paying them. Beneficial contacted me several times directly after this because that is who the credit card was with originally and harrassed me for the money but I saidI wanted to see the original agreement
  10. Yes I know you are right I should know better I was trying to get it sorted and should have come on here first off without ringing them. I am still hitting myself for doing that. I was just a little concerned as it said on the letter I owed £1,153.96 and I had no idea what this related to - they told me over the phone and now on this letter they sent me today it was with HSBC. I had both a current account and a credit card with them. They told me it was for a credit card, but I thought the credit limit was only £500 and that I had paid it off??
  11. Hiya Was wondering if anybody knows what happens in these situations. We currenty privately rent but have been given notice. The problem is that we are not going to pass the credit check that estate agents use as we are currently paying back loans etc that are on our credit file and we also have several defaults. What happens in this scenrio has anybody had difficulty with this. It is obviously rather concerning for us as we have two small children and are scared we will not be able to find anywhere to rent. There is nobody that can go guarantor for us and we don't have any savi
  12. It is in my experience that different reports will show differents debts on it and one will have some debts on and another will not. Not always the case but I have had this happen with me.
  13. Please please please somebody help me. I received a searcher letter from Westcott last week asking if I was me and as I am trying to sort myself out financially I called them and said yes it was and what is it in relation to. They told me it was a debt I had with HSBC in 2000. I do vaguely remember this, but I thought I had paid it off (one of the few!!) They said you must remember it because you paid £42 in 2007!! I said I don't remember that which in all fairness I truly dont remember making a one off payment for £42 - that of course is not to say that I didn't, unfortunately with a
  14. We had a disagreement with the utility company at our last property because they overcharged us and refused to acknowledge this even though we had all the paperwork and our payments etc so we did not pay the final bill. They have been writing to us at our new house with debt letters etc for the last two years but suddenly it has stopped. Does this mean that they will not chase any longer? Also because it was an external company that was chasing us on behalf of the utility company does this mean they will have put the debt on my credit record?
  15. Thank you so much for your replies, I have read the link that you sent me that was very useful and lots of varied opinions in there. I would just very quickly like to point out that the only reason I was walking was because I dont own a car, cant afford it anymore!! Also the only reason, I was entertaining sueing the council is beacuase I am probably going to loose my house over this because I cant keep up with my rent and no way of getting any credit - have apt with CAB tommorow (today) see what they say about rent arrears! Anyhow, that will probably be a new thread! thank you a
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