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  1. Thank You! I have now just spoken to Northampton. They have given me an email address to confirm all this to. I will then back it up in writing too, just to be on the safe side. I will chase SCM in another week if I still haven't had a reply. She did seem pleasant enough and seemed to want to be helpful, so I suppose that's something! I will keep you updated. Thanks again for all your help. I am keeping a careful eye on the calendar!
  2. Phew! I was called by the solicitor dealing with this case. She says that she responded on "around 1/2 December" but that, as she is in Edinburgh, it's like the post is all being delayed. Given that post is problematic and can be delayed at this time of year anyway, she is prepared to agree to an extension of time for 28days from today and specified the 6th January 2011, which I confirmed with her. I will now ring Northampton and ask if I can notify them by email. I will then write and send Recorded Delivery (Special Delivery has been suspended up here because of the weather) and send a copy to her as well. She has given me her Edinburgh address to send this to. Did I do ok? Very nervous, but aware that this has given us a little breathing space!
  3. Oh Dear..... I rang the number on the Claim Form - constantly engaged. Rang SCM Head Office - gave me Barnet's number Rang Barnet - gave me Cardiff's number - constantly engaged. They are now supposedly going to get someone to call me back. Waiting game now then. Very concerned that time is marching on.
  4. Thank you. Still nothing from them, but did receive some post yesterday! (First for a good while) I will get on to the Solicitors now and update you shortly.
  5. Update Time - if you can call it that. Since my last post we have had feet and feet of snow and therefore no post whatsoever since last Friday (26th November). Consequently, even if BH's lawyers have responded, we haven't had it. (They signed for the CPR on 25th) So, by my reckoning their 7 days is up. SO what should we do now? If we only have until next weekend to put in a defence then I obviously need to work on it, if they have replied. However I don't know that they have! HELP!!
  6. Presumably you are further South than us, but it's really lovely here. The cats hate it, but the humans love it. Had a couple of lovely bracing walks and it looks so pretty. Makes you feel better doesn't it?!
  7. Seriously gh2008 Thank You! I will sleep easier tonight. Suddenly had a bit of a panic attack over this, but I'm seriously grateful to you for easing my mind. Ok, going to have that good night's sleep. CPR has been received. SAR went today (to Lloyds Group, as advised) and a request for the Complaints Procedure. I shall await the postman (if he can get here through the foot of snow outside!)
  8. Sorry if I am being a little paranoid (not like me, but I am still worried by all this) Can someone please just put my mind at rest? Court Claim was dated 11.11 (received 15.11) and acknowledged Online on 22.11 CPR was signed for by Claimant's Solicitors today. However, checking my CPR letter I can't find anywhere where I have asked for an extension of time to file a defense. Should I have? I am confused as to when the deadline for defence is exactly, as it stands now? How do I get an extension? Will I still be in time if the Solicitors do (by some miracle) respond to the CPR in time? I am really really sorry. I am feeling so much better about all this, but it's nagging away at me as I know I have to keep a really careful eye on timescales. It's just completely new to me and I am still trying to get my head around it all! Am I right in thinking that my deadline for defence is 13th December? and if so is there a way I can check this to be certain!?
  9. Just a little update. CPR letter signed for by Black Horse today. Track and Trace screenshot saved. So, 7 days to see if they comply........8-)
  10. Thanks gh, I have to admit I DO feel like I am back in control. As always the CAG to the rescue! Thanks for explaining. I shall sit and wait in great anticipation for their response to the CPR and will post with any updates in the meantime, or when the response does/doesn't appear. Meanwhile the SAR is ready to go tomorrow to Lloyds Group as is a letter requesting their Complaints Procedure. I will then start composing a complaint letter. Many thanks!
  11. Thank gh, but I'm a bit confused...... CPR was posted RD today. Presumably I check the Royal Mail track and trace and count 7 days from when they sign it? (is it 7 calendar days or 7 working days?) If they don't respond within 7 days what do I need to do? You are right that the CPR requested an extension to the defence submission. What do I do if they don't respond to that or don't agree to it? Perhaps I am gettin ahead of myself, sorry, but your expression "levitating pigs" and the fact that they have hardly played fair so far doesn't give me much hope of them responding in a timely fashion or agreeing to an extension. It would be useful (if only for my peace of mind) to know what happens next. Then perhaps I can draft what I will need in the event that they just ignore me! How do I know when the defence deadline is, so that I don't miss it? (Sorry if I'm being thick!)
  12. As per the two posts above, I'd like to say that, whilst some valuable advice was given during my chat with NDL, and whilst some interesting paperwork was also sent to me, they DID advise to admit the debt and DID advise that BH would DEFINATELY accept our offer of payment. On the face of it, ok. However, as it turns out, we are unable to ascertain how much we actually owe them, whether the charges they have levied are lawfull and it looks as if we have also been treated unfairly. If the latter proves to be the case then we are prepared to take this as far as it goes and to only agree to make instalment payments on the sum we actually owe. I am preparing the complaint and SAR this evening and will update as appropriate. I was very impressed with the calm handling of my call to NDL. I was really shaken up by the Court Claim paperwork and, suffering from long term, life threatening ill health as I do, I needed someone to calm me down and to give straightforward advice at that moment. I will also say that having had a good hard look at the situation as a whole, the NDL advice re other debts and a payment plan have helped us to take the bull by the horns as it were and we're no longer losing sleep over our finances. I have decided though, that I can self manage a DMP, so that's the intention for now!
  13. Have found S140 of the CCA - interesting reading! Have Bookmarked it so I can absorb it a little more. The OFTs stance on Unfair Practises is equally interesting. Thanks so much for the heads up on this one gh! I'm just compiling the SAR and will get that in the post tomorrow. Also looking up Complaints Procedure for Lloyds Group, which I will deal with in a seperate letter. Just checked the paperwork I have - Yes, the LBA is definately the same date as the Court Claim. And yes, the DCA (Nationwide Collection Services did request the whole balance in their threatograms of 8th September, and 23rd September. Interestingly too, but not sure if it's important, we haven't received anything from BH to state that they have cancelled or terminated the agreement. The figure requested by the DCA is £226 less than BH demanded in their LBA, but I cannot see how, as the monthly payment was £274 - definately need to see a statement, along with the Agreement. I'll keep reading and update you all accordingly.
  14. SarEL - thanks for your reply. The Solicitors wrote a Costs letter to my daughter before the second stage of the internal process had even been heard. The letter included several threats and we copied it to the Tribunal Chair. He was not impressed and wrote to them to explain themselves. The copy we have of the reply doesn't really explain their behaviour at all. Their first move had been to request a deposit, but the Tribunal Chair told them "no", not least because they had not complied with Rule 11(4) and copied us in. They have requested a PHR, but again did not comply with rule 11(4) until the Chair asked them if they had! We have requested the documents that they are supposedly relying on to show that she "lied", ie her online application form as this is vital to prove she didn't. They haven't produced this at internal hearings or via the Solicitors, so we have asked the Tribunal to Order them to. No response thus far. We have also requested a CMD rather than a PHR as, until we know whether they actually have certain documents we cannot know whether to take this further. She was NOT given her two weeks notice pay, despite their assertion that she resigned. The fact is she didn't resign, she left the office on the same day and didn't return because she then took Union advice. However, they didn't follow "Absent Without Leave" procedures either! I will update when I have further news, unless anyone has further advice!
  15. Thanks CB and GH I will get an SAR off to Lloyds Group today. Let's see what they have indeed! I will look up what you have suggest gh and go from there. The CPR went this morning Recorded Delivery. Thanks again
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