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  1. Hi Guys, Does anybody have the correct legal citation for the GLC bank charges case, I am hoping to stop a strike out from the other side. Thanks, TheyrCriminals
  2. Hi, My bank charges claim is due to be thrown out, as are everyones at the Torquay and Newton Abbot County Court, at the end of this month. Is there any chance at all of preventing this and if there is what is the new legal argument to prevent the claim being struck out? In my opinion the test case was corrupted, there can be no doubt in my mind that the economic situation dictated the legal one, I hope everyone can see this. TheyrCriminals
  3. Hi Rebel, This isn't a bad idea at all. Is there no way we could realistically get on board just one celebrity, is there not one person in the celebrity arena that would be prepared to become a public face of this campaign? If we did achieve this it would be a great catalyst for public exposure. Which celebrity isn't a huge fan of capitalism, banks or amoral profiteering? TheyrCriminals
  4. Hi, I can see no valid reason for a generic email sent by an orgainzation to its own members costing £3000. All your paying for is electricity and one person's time!!!!!! TheyrCriminals
  5. Excuse me? £3,000 to email all CAG members? I think not. Who has said this and how can it possibly cost this amount to email all CAG members? TheyrCriminals
  6. Hi Guys, Could I suggest that as it is unlikely we will get all CAG members to donate that maybe we should raise the figure a little to just £2 per donation. I think this is still an affordable figure and would generate alot more revenue for this battle, because whether we like it or not it is going to take alot of money to achieve what we want. This is just a suggestion that's all. TheyrCriminals
  7. Hi Tim, You want maximum exposure so don't just decide whether to use newspapers or tv. If I were you I would get as many tv companies, radio stations and newspapers you can possibly speak to who are willing to go with your campaign hopefully they will run with it and even support it. I do know both The Independent and The Daily Mail were ardent supporters of the bank charge reaclaim campaign. I also think you should approach your local tv and radio station as well as your local evening paper who I am almost certain will run with your story. Don't forget the internet as well. Can you pri
  8. Hi Tim, Can I just say that it is so good to read someone coming forward and attempting a challenge for what could be the last chance for unauthorised overdraft charges. I am more than happy to contribute financially to your quest as I myself have been trying to raise funds to pay a solicitor to read the full Supreme Court judgement and give me guidance as to how to proceed, if we can, with me and my friends stayed claims. However we only have until the 25th November this year to amend PoC's and hopefully get a reprieve. If there was 'an alternative test case' that we could cite it would
  9. Hi, What on earth am I reading here?! Judges have a tough time?!! Do me a favour - they get paid quite handsomely to deal with these issues and it must be said quite often at the cost of the financially broken consumer. Give up? I gave up on the legal system in November last year when 'something strange' happened in the Supreme Court regarding unauthorised overdraft charges. I, along with many others, can be wholly forgiven for giving up. However I certainly didn't give up the fight. It must be said however MSE and CAG all pinning their hopes on Govan Law Centre coming up
  10. Hi, I would like to start a new thread on how many claimants have had their bank charges claim struck out and why. Can some one please show me how to do this please? TheyrCriminals
  11. Hi, The above link doesn't work. Can you please re-post. Thanks, TheyrCriminals
  12. Well said fergal. As we now know the system screwed over most of us bank charge reclaimers, and I think protest action as well as other democratic actions should now be employed by consumers unless the coalition government steps in which I don't think it will as regards reclaiming past charges. As regards 0845 numbers being used by banks, companies and now government departments and agenices it is quite simply perverse! Greedy Britain at it again. Intelligent and effective action really should be considered at this stage. TheyrCriminals
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