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  1. Also sorry about this, but if the default notice was not stating the actual arrears at the time how can that be right. The default notice looks like something that a kid put together and layout. They ended the account by not adhering to the cca agreement or am I wrong. Thanks again
  2. The default dates are different, also I have a heap load of ppi on this.
  3. They are indeed, the default that MBNA issued and logged on my file is for 3 days before the default date. Did write to them to asking for the default they sent to see if it would be different and it was. Arrow logged a default to on my file to.
  4. Cheers, on something else having an issue with Arrow who bought an alleged debt I had with MBNA. MBNA issued an incorrect default on me asking for a full balance to be paid not any arrears within the prescribed terms I spoke with them about this at the time and they said I had to pay the full balance. Would that make the debt null and void as they did not keep to the prescribed terms of the cca agreement? Cheers again ;O)
  5. Do you have a template that I can use. Thanks
  6. They haven't, just that I'm self employed and will need to self cert. They reckon that they view each customer differently, wouldn't mind but been a customer since the Mickey Mouse Club. Had a lot of savings that I moved from them because there on-line was compromised and someone added over six different names into the 'make a payment' section. They wouldn't tell me how or why this happened, complained and got a blah blah letter. Just wondered if I sar them it will tell me why they are not giving me a decent rate. Cheers
  7. Hi all, Been trying for ever to get a better deal from Santander on my mortgage (re). Am on the SVR @ 4.74% they are offering new customers 2.94%. They keep telling me that thats the only rate they can offer to me, because they look at peoples circumstances, credit rating etc. The FSA have told the banks that they should be viewing existing customers in a fair manner. I did in mid 2011 have some arrears put that was cleared up 14 months ago. I think they have something against me but need to advice on this because they are not telling me anything but taking my normal monthly payment. Always good for the money but better rates!!! Thanks
  8. No!! Our business manager had to be the worst around. When we questioned the change in banking terms he advised my wife and I quote "if you don't like it move". Because of the aggressive change in terms they closed our account at the end of 2010, as we were not banking with them as much!! We raised our growing concrens over the 30.00 ret on cheques and the 35.00 ref fee's but fell on deaf ears. Had my business for 10 years and worst move was moving to these sharks. Wish we could all call on an arab family for a bail out. Thanks for info, would like to bat the ball back as hard as I can to these morons.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, its in the business name and is ltd. Got knocked bandy by Barclays about 3 years ago with excessive bank charges etc. We were good enough to bank our business with them and they were allowing us to clear down on clearing funds so that we could pay our suppliers.Then overnight they changed the game and stopped this, we never had cleared funds for our suppliers but they always made sure they took charges even if our funds were not clear for us. So when we went to pay people our funds would be lower as they had already put the hand in the till. Want to kick them right in the nachos on this. Can't stand the bank!!!
  10. Gonna be quick with this people, had a business barclaycard. Because of personal circumstances have not been able to deal with. Been written to by TBI with a notice of assignment in same envelope from BC. Had rung BC today to get this crowd off my back and offer a full and final, but they say I have to deal with TBI. Any ideas on this, was shafted left right and centre with Barclays Bank on business banking and lost 4.5k in 18 months in charges taken from account before our own funds were clearing down for us to use. Gonna stop on this or I will start ranting!!!!!!
  11. Hi again on another note I'm sorting out a lot of my late mum's affairs and am going through statements to contact creditors etc. Have got one showing on her statements (bank) Creation/Sears CRD. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to who they are. Have contacted Creation Financial and they have got nothing on my mums name. Thanks
  12. Guys, had a phone today from someone trying to pump us to claim against bank on the mortgage. They were saying that insurance for the banks to underwrite the loan was added to the mortgage loans of the customers, is this true? I've always thought banks might of done this as you wouldn't really have a clue.
  13. Afternoon people, Question. If a company decides to change it's name and a ccj was secured in that name before its changed, would the debt still be paid. Been paying money to these numptys for the last 5 months, never had a receipt for payment. Just received a letter telling me they have changed there name to Compello Card Services and that it's been sold and tranferred to MKDP LLP. Could someone help on this
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