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  1. Actually I have just thought of something. When I returned home I used the Thameslink train which had engineering works south of St Pancras. Upon selling me my ticket the clerk told me that I was not allowed to travel on the underground with that ticket but I that, as I had no choice because of engineering works, I could travel on the underground. I was understandably somewhat nervous to do so but she insisted that I could as there was no other way. Thus I bought a ticket from zone 3 to zone 3 and used the underground, exactly the same scenario as I had been stopped for before. Please could anyone tell me how that works? Is it because I had been given express permission on the return but had just chanced it on the way up? Thanks again. Jackie
  2. Thank you for your response. I told the inspector that I did not know I was not entitled to travel through zone 1. I can't say it was the engineering works which meant I had to travel that way as that would be admitting I knew I wasn't allowed to travel through zone 1. What really annoys me is that its alright for them to cut our services and still take our money. It took me hours to get back from North London because of the replacement buses which were virtually the only thing running. If I had wanted to travel by bus a bus pass would have been much cheaper. Anyway thanks for letting me get it off my chest. Actually the inspector was very nice and understanding, wouldn't accept my offer of paying my fine immediately but I know you're right. I won't get my appeal. Has anybody? ever?
  3. Hello Underground can I ask for your help? I have never dodged my fares although I do feel like it sometimes because of high prices and low service but anyway I travel on a monthly travelcard zones 2-5. I live in SE LONDON but today was such a lovely day that I decided to do something different before the winter sets in and I went off to N London for a change of scene. I was going to go to Finsbury Park (Zone 2) Of course I travelled through zone 1 and of course I was caught; what are the chances of that happening again? I was told that I had 21 days to appeal. I admitted that I was wrong and I thought that it wasn't worth appealing and tried to pay the fine there and then. I was told that I should appeal because I said I didn't know it was wrong to travel through zone 1 without a ticket. I did know but I just think it is so unfair to have to pay for zone 1 after paying £100 pm when you don't even get the benefit of zone 1. Also on this particular day (today) nearly all of the tubes and the trains and the overground were undergoing engineering works. I couldn't get to Finsbury Park and trying to get home from N LONDON took 3 hours. What a shambles! Is there any way around this? Do they take any notice of appeals or shall I just pay the fine? Thanks for any help you can give me Jackie
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