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  1. Gribbly Old-CodJA has answered your post as well as possible - I won't go over points already covered. Be aware though that Finchley Road and Frognal is not an Underground (or 'tube') station. A couple of questions before I make comment: - What kind of ticket was purchased? (i.e. single, travelcard, return) - Where did your daughter get stopped by the inspector(s)? - What was the intended journey (from and to)? UNDERGROUND
  2. Worldismyoyster Old-CodJA has provided you with sound advice. Your friend may not be issued a new Staff Pass, fraudulent use is taken seriously by LT Staff Travel and the manager there is passionate about withdrawing the facility if abused. Your friend is also involved in transferring and aiding and abetting offences but it is unlikely (but not impossible) that these will be pursued. As Old-CodJA said it does appear that you did indeed realise the use of the pass was not legitimate as you had been told to lie 'should anything happen'. I think it is reasonable to assume that
  3. Excellent reply from Old-CodJA as usual. You should be aware that your relative may not have their Bus Operator Pass replaced. The manager at LT Staff Travel is very passionate about removing the privilege of free travel from those who have abused it. Technically your relative could be caught up with offences of transferring and aiding and abetting but in reality this is highly unlikely. As per Old-CodJA's advise, all you can do is write to the Prosecutions Manager and hope for the best. Regards UNDERGROUND
  4. In the four years I spent as an RCI with LU there were NO fare evasion cases where CCTV evidence was used, and as far as I'm aware this is still the case. The only occasion where it may be used is where violence is involved. Oyster data is used but this is usually to catch people who regularly and systematically evade their fare, for example using two Oyster cards to 'dumbbell' or for people abusing the Customer Charter scheme. These are highlighted by automated analysis software which produces 'Oyster Intelligence' reports which are followed up with investigation. A couple of points
  5. bonkers9 It's not me you have to convince. No, that wouldn't form the basis of the prosecution's case, the inspectors witness statement and the actual Pass will. But do remember that logic will play a part in the Judge's decision and questions such as the one I asked will no doubt got through their minds. When you feel willing to share more details of the case, please do. Regards UNDERGROUND
  6. Hang on there.... let's not get this out of proportion. Wait until you receive correspondence from LU. If they state their intent to prosecute the best you can do is write a grovelling apology outlining your position and any mitigating circumstances and ask that the matter be dealt with otherwise than through the courts. The address given above is for penalty fare appeals, Prosecutions is based at LU's head office at 55 Broadway. Although you see prosecution as disproportionate, unfortunately fare evasion using Freedom Passes is extremely widespread and is very costly to TfL. C
  7. Just out of curiosity, how did he lose just the orange wallet and not the pass and photocard within? UNDERGROUND
  8. I'll be honest here, I don't think you've got a leg to stand on should this come to prosecution. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid ticket or Oyster card for your journey, and the excuse that you managed to use your fathers pass by mistake is unlikely to wash when it comes to the 'balance of probabilities' in a courtroom. Especially the story that you and your father share a coat. I realise that this is not what you want to hear. All I can suggest is that you write to the LU prosecutions manager and plead your case. UNDERGROUND
  9. Ah, you are talking about a Bus Operators pass, the purple coloured card? I must say that it is quite possible your father will have his Pass withdrawn permanently. LT Staff Travel take the misuse of TfL employee passes very seriously. What ticket or Oyster card did you hold that was valid on the day of travel? UNDERGROUND
  10. Apologies for not being around lately, had some on-going computing problems, and been busy! Anyway....... locotoro A few questions: - Was your journey entirely on London Underground? - Do you have proof that you held another valid ticket or Oyster card for the journey you made? Is so, what was it? - Did your father not realise his Pass was missing for two days? UNDERGROUND
  11. I'm in work tomorrow, I'll find out for you. Someone may come along before that though! Regards UNDERGROUND
  12. Blimey I thought I was bad! And I was in revenue! UNDERGROUND
  13. Hello again, I will just say I do believe the inspector was correct in issuing a penalty fare as it is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have a valid ticket for the entire journey. That said there shouldn't be any air of intimidation or rudeness. It only need be a simple letter explaining that it was an honest mistake and providing proof that she holds a valid Oyster Travelcard for the journey in question. If your girlfriend takes her Oyster card to any London Underground station and asks for a print out they will oblige, this will show the relevant details. Make sure
  14. rewley I have spoken to an old colleague, unfortunately he was little vague to say the least! He seems to believe that fare evasion does appear on PNC, but don't quote me on that, I don't know that for a fact. He also said that the offence is recorded with the CRB but is only revealed if you are assessed under 'enhanced disclosure', for example teaching jobs, police officers etc. Whether it requires disclosure to all employers I couldn't say. With regard to the case being prosecuted under RRA, they will not alter this to be prosecuted under byelaws instead. The RRA is a relia
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