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  1. Yes. Issued in Holland and served in the UK. Received the summons early December. The hearing date says I need to attend or send a representative or submit a written defense. No info about whether the hearing can be online. Trying to get a Dutch solicitor but so far 350 to 500 euros an hour. So I get less than two months to prepare a defense while they have spent two years in preparing their case. The confidentiality clause they are trying to pursue relates to me telling my customers online that an event needed to be cancelled because the Dutch supplier refused to send the goods
  2. I have a dispute with a Dutch business supplier who states I have breached a confidentiality clause in a commercial contract. The penalty for breaching the clause states he can issue me with a 5000 euro fine. He has issued a summons due to be heard in 3 weeks in Holland which I cannot attend due to travel restrictions etc. I intend to submit a written defence instead. My question relates to the word 'fine', regardless of whether or not a clause was breached (of course, I will argue there was no breach in any case). However, it is my understand
  3. Update: A few days after obtaining judgement by default, I receive a letter from MCOL saying the claim form had been returned to the court unserved. But they deemed it as served as long as the address was correct. If the address was correct I can proceed with the case. I decided the address was correct and have paid £77 to instruct the courts bailiffs. Of course, the address might be wrong. But having checked, I can still only find the BBC is at Peel Wing and therefore nothing to suggest the address is wrong. I wonder therefore, whether I may have sued the wrong people?
  4. £247 judgement today against BBC in default of acknowledging the claim, based on 8% interest. Claim details: 1. I am xxxxxxxxxx and hold Power of Attorney for my uncle Mr xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx 2. Mr xxxxxxx turned 75 on xxxxxx 2014 and was entitled to a free TV license 3. For the following 7 years, the Defendant continued to take money by auto renewing direct debits for Mr xxxxxx TV license. 4. The Defendant ignored my formal demands dated 16 July 2020 requesting a refund. 5. On 4 September 2020 I claimed the money back unde
  5. So do they remove the signatures or do they send fresh agreements and just type in the original details?
  6. Thx DX. I agree. We can settle the finance agreement, clear the debt and sell the car. We Buy Any Car have suggested a value that makes it £1000 more than just returning the car. I still don't understand how Barclays don't have a signed agreement or direct debit, and just sent us unsigned ones.
  7. But how can Barclays send me an unsigned one...........unless it was never signed in the first place? How did they process the direct debit if it too is unsigned?
  8. Thx DX. It seems odd that a copy of a credit agreement and direct debit forms are supplied in response to an SAR, but they lack signatures. Do I assume if I did a CCA the contract might also be unsigned? The thing is, I did an SAR against Sky TV and that too contained an unsigned direct debit mandate and because of which, I reclaimed under the dd indemnity. I don't think that is appropriate here, but why are these docs unsigned?
  9. I am Power of Attorney for my uncle. He bought a car which was financed through Barclays Partner finance. I sent them a Subject Access Request to obtain copies of contract and statement of payments. It arrived (a month late). He had a 49 month agreement with 48 monthly payments and one final balloon payment. It has 8 months to go. If he makes the balloon payment he keeps the car, if he does not pay he can return the car. It is worth keeping the car. The problem is the credit agreement and the direct debit are both un-signed. I had expected
  10. The Mediation was over after 3 phone calls. The first call explained the mediator was not legally trained and she explained the process. She asked what the case was about. I explained the manner of the losses and she ended the call. It was very brief and did not allow for presenting my argument. The second call was to explain to me how Parcel2Go saw the position which mainly dealt with the fact I chose not to buy insurance. But they were prepared to settle £20 per parcel and had previously refunded my postage. I discussed the item that was thrown away and she seemed to quite agre
  11. Thank you. I must say, I will be disappointed if I cannot go to court. I have done all the work but don't get to eat the cake if they settle.
  12. Summons issued today for £247 calculated at 8%.
  13. My aged uncle had been paying for his TV licence by auto renewing monthly direct debits despite (despite turning 75 years old 7 years ago). My request for a refund was ignored for over a month, so I made a Direct Debit Indemnity claim and received a full refund for 7 years overpayment within the day from my bank. It was very simple. I then asked TV licensing for a compensation payment for the interest and they have refused on the grounds they did nothing wrong. It seems they do not take customer dates of birth. This is why they have no idea whether their customers should be charg
  14. The company was Homeserve. Thames water sent Homeserve my (aged) uncle's details. Homeserve sent him a flyer offering him the £12 a year policy. He didn't understand it and filled out the forms wrongly. For four years Homeserve sent him a very wordy letter headed 'Relax, you are covered'. The text mentioned the new premium. My uncle didn't realise the £12 first year premium was an introductory offer designed to draw him in and that future years premiums would escalate by obscene amounts, and the annual 'Relax you are covered' letter highlighted that he nee
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