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  1. Thought I was on the wrong site for a mo! Don't like at all..... especially when you just want a quick dip in to see what's happening. It seems so characterless now
  2. Need advice on the best way forward here! Will try to keep brief... 26th June - lunchtime... sudden onset of crushing pain in left hand side over ribs and lungs - felt couldn't breathe and pain was coming in waves. Spoke with out of hours service (ThamesDoc), explained circs and made quite clear no pain in left hand arm or centre of chest, therefore not heart attack but crushing pain in lungs and felt as though I had been kicked by a horse. They arranged for me to see out of hours GP at local hospital that afternoon. By the time I'd got there, pain had subsided and I reiterated the symp
  3. ..... and still dealing as normal with all PH/TP claims.... administration has not altered anything in the normal day to day running;)
  4. If you look in the small print of the contract hire document you will see that you will be liable for credit hire charges if the credit hire company cannot get reimbursement from the insurance company. Basically you and the repairing garage have a duty to mitigate losses - was your damaged car drivable? You could have accepted a lesser model. Did you have access to another car? Any insurance company would query and dispute such a high charge.
  5. £26K:eek: What were you driving.. a Ferrari? Basically the other insurance company are probably trying to find out if you could have been well off enough to have hired a car yourself or if car hire was even necessary. How long did the repairs take? They are probably disputing the car hire bill and refusing to pay your insurers.
  6. ... and as its BOS they will say they didn't even need to send you a D/N, instead relying on a clause in the agreement that lets them terminate at any time... and the judge agreed:eek: the blank template they supplied was very swiftly brushed under the carpet:cool: forget about quoting statute law - they both totally ignored my objections:-x
  7. CB - I can well remember when you first came aboard CAG.. look at you now.. havn't you come on leaps and bounds:p You truly are a little star;) Vjohn - thank you so much for your offer. I know we've been screwed and have discussed with OH. If we would afford legal representation we would appeal but the thought of having to go through all that again brings us both out in a rash and worse. We are still shocked at the speed with which barrister railroaded this through and the contemptous comments of the DJ who said it was people like OH who was causing the banks to lose money and causin
  8. Be very very careful when it comes to costs. Barrister informed judge of my log in name and thread title which he then found on his computer....and said because we'd been communicating on a forum and getting all our info/advice, which he deemed as causing extra work for ScM, and promptly awarded them their full £6K costs:eek:
  9. off to pub with family:D trying not to think anymore about it but it just makes my blood boil:cool:
  10. If it was small claims then we would appeal but cannot afford to run up another £6K for their costs:eek:
  11. Yes, D/N is mentioned in their POC Don't want to go the route of redetermination and run the risk of a CO if anything should go wrong with payments - will pay and at least its done and dusted:mad:
  12. Hi hun Nice to see you still up and running:p Link here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/158754-court-action-bos-aa.html Appeal? Don't think so - its already cost us £11k+ and we'll have to appoint a solicitor which will add to even more costs as I cannot represent OH at an appeal. Counsel is a top barrister for the banks and financial institutions so certainly knows her onions!
  13. Hi Andy Their argument which judge agreed with was they didn't need a D/N to terminate due to the clause which allowed them to contractually terminate. Judgment - all i know is that counsel asked for costs within 14 days. No mention was made of forthwith for the balance claimed:-? At least we've got 1 ring binder out of them plus loads of case law if anyone needs it , plus I've lost 5lbs in weight - all for £6K:rolleyes:
  14. Losing in court today and having to pay £6K in costs due to counsel advising judge that they had monitored my thread on CAG and that it is almost endemic for people to use consumer forums and it is rife throughout county courts. He went ballistic at the amount of work we had generated for the bank/solicitors, with a mountain of paperwork (all case judgements provided by counsel) which he flung on his desk! Silly people - they should have just printed off the relevant parts like we did, and save a few trees;)
  15. I mentioned this and the judge just rode roughshod over my objection and said that as it had OH personal details on it, plus T/Cs on the back, it was good enough for him to prove that we had signed it and spent the money. If you want to get into other CPR arguments, he didn't agree that their failure to comply with 4 court orders earlier held any water:eek:
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