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  1. Just checked back, no hearing date advised, in fact nothing other than the original claim form which I replied to.
  2. Ok, how does that work? Especially as they say its being passed to another court for enforcement.
  3. ... Sorry I am so sporadic on here. No, we were not advised of any hearing date. The court has acted as though our (recorded delivery) replies to them and Restons were never made. I am at a total loss. They seem to be ignoring process altogether.
  4. Disputed whole claim, asked Restons fror any details/ agreement etc as we have nothing whatsoever to go on. Told the court our position, but they ignore and enter judgement anyway.
  5. I wrote to Restons, requesting details of the alleged loan and also replied to the Court summons, telling them about this. Both letters by recorded delivery and next thing we hear is a Judgement in favour of claimant because "we have not responded"? Now a letter saying that they are transferring it to another court for enforcement. How can they do this after I took so much trouble replying, is this usual behaviour and what can we do?
  6. Yes, but should we dispute the whole amount or just part of it? I am shooting in the dark here whilst we have no details about the advance(s)?
  7. The loan is in my wifes name and she only showed me the court letter today. I am just doing my best to find out the best way for us to proceed now.
  8. My wife took out some sort of loan with Beneficial Finance about 10 years ago. When we got into difficulties a couple of years ago, the payments were being made for her by CCCS and she has lost all the paperwork but I believe that this was probably a "rolling credit agreement" and also that the payments being made on our behalf might not have been even covering the interest because we now owe more than before CCCS started paying for her ! I only just found out that Restons Solicitors have put a case in the County Court at Northhampton and we need to respond by this Monday
  9. Yes, they applied for a charging order now, so how to fight it? I still cant afford to increase the payments, but my wife now has a better job, so she could help substantially, but says she wont, if they are going to get a charging order anyway. She is not a party to this debt and in fact asked the Lloyds employee who pushed that loan on me whether it was secured and was assured not. She is blazing about this. I say let them have their order and £10 for life but she says would they withdraw if a realistic payment plan was on the table? I think they would not. What to do next?
  10. What is F&F? I should stress that my own income remains unchanged from when it was assessed, but my wife's may be increasing soon. The loan is in my name alone and she is also fully committed.
  11. I withdrew my defence after I finally got some definitive advice from an on-line solicitor. Result is that judge orders me to pay £10 a month (which will see this never paid off), but gives them leave to apply for a charging order on our house.
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