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  1. I recieved a letter on the Friday 6th July, saying that the bank would pay in full. Straight away, I signed the form which was faxed and posted back to SCM. I am now awaiting payment, which I've been told by SCM will take about 14 days. So the money should be with me by the 20th. Is this what other people have found??? What do I need to do now re: moving my case to the "winners enclosure" and making a donation to CAG??? PS. The bank have misscaluclated my charges, interest and court fees and are offering to pay me back £150.00 more than I asked for. Am i going to tell them??? I don't think so.
  2. This was the letter I was going to send to Wandsworth County Court and cc' in Lloyds TSB's solicitors , do you think it covers everything: "Re: Claim No Upon receiving your letter dated 19th June 2007, I am writing to provide you with copies of the schedule of bank charges, that I am contesting and letters that I’ve sent to Lloyds TSB Bank requesting that the charges have been repaid. I have also forwarded a copy of this letter and information contained to the defendants solicitor's. Yours Sincerely," Any comments would be of great help.....
  3. Thanks NicSussex, What confuses me is that, I've not been asked to submit the schedule of charges to the court and to (resubmit) to the bank / their lawyers. I assume, I will recieve another letter asking me for this. I've already paid the £250.00 moneyclaim fee. I guess that this will be an additional fee. Thanks for your help. FulhamNick
  4. I have recieved a "Notice of Transfer of Proceedings" letter, and my case has been transferred to Wandsworth County Court. I have a couple of queries, and due to a heavy work load and problems with my internet connection at home, I've not been able to research this properly and I am looking for a few quick answers. 1. So far, I've not submitted details of my charges (I have submitted the amount) to the courts, is this correct. 2. With my notice to transfer, I recieved a letter which states: "Without hearing..IT IS ORDERED THAT:- 1. The filing of an allocation questionnarie be dispensed with in this case unless the district judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise. Note: Any party affected by this Order may under Rule 3.3. (5) apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed. Such a party must apply under rule 23.3. within 14 days of service." What does this mean......?? 3. After recieving the Notice of Transfer and the Defence and Counterclaim from Lloyds TSB solicitor, what happens next?
  5. I've submitted my claim with the court recently, and Lloyds have until the 30th May to respond. Although put off by Lloyds winning two cases, I realise that I need to be that much more thorough with my claim. What is the next stage, and does anyone have any tips for me. Thanks FulhamNick.
  6. I've submitted my claim with the court recently, and Lloyds have until the 30th May to respond. Although put off by Lloyds winning two cases, I realise that I need to be that much more thorough with my claim. What is the next stage, and does anyone have any tips for me. Thanks FulhamNick.
  7. I've completed the forms and paid the court fee with Money Claim Online, early last week. Does any one know how long the process will now take and what is the next stage? I am really nervous, on Saturday I recieved a letter from Lloyds, saying my account had been referred to the Collection Department, in Brighton and that the bank had withdrawn my £1,200 overdraft. They expected it to be paid in full, instantly, which I cannot. I came to an agreement to pay it back £100.00 per month. I also have a loan with Lloyds and I am worried, I will get a letter asking for this money to be repaid straight away.
  8. I'm in the process of submitting my claim with Money Claim Online. However, as I've not had £250.00 to pay for the claim. (My claim is over £5,000.00) I've had to wait to save the money. However, when I first wrote to Lloyds (December 2006), I started claiming from January 2001. However, now that January 2007 has passed, January 2001, is more than six years ago. Does this mean I need alter the amount I'm claiming from the bank?
  9. Hi Pen, It doesn't surprise me that the banks are delaying sending this information. More and more people are making claims. I imagine this tactic is used to put people off making the claim. I think you've waited long enough. As well as proceeding with the courts to obtain the information I would also go to ICO – Information Commissioner's Office. They are the government body which is responsible for making companies comply with the act. Good luck.
  10. According to yesterday's Independant Newspaper, the OFT will be providing a ruling on Bank Charges in a matter of weeks. If they rule that bank charges are unfair, as they did with credit cards, will this mean we will need to proceed with legal action to get our penalty charges repaid? Additionally, I have submitted my "letter before action" and currently preparing my Court Bundle and N1, as I believe Lloyds will not be repaying my charges. Is it worth CC'ing the information to both the OFT and the financial ombudsman?
  11. Thanks Billlynch, I'll see FAQ's. It seems that Moneyclaim is a good way to proceed.
  12. I went to the trouble of handing it in the hand and paying cash (If you do this I would recommend getting a reciept). The bank didn't start processing my request for a week. Try 0121 633 5411 - they told me, they received my request later than i submitted it and had another 7 days to proceed with my request. I told them if they waited 7 days it would be outside the 40 days and I would start legal proceedings with the courts and inform the ICO (see web address in an earlier post). It was sent out that day. Billlynch - I will look at the FAQ's and see what it says about Moneyclaim v Courts. All the best.
  13. Hi Billlynch, Any luck in getting the information from the bank yet? I had a response to my initial letter for repayment. Unsurprisingly, the bank said they were not going to re-pay the penalties. So I am about to send the second letter, giving them 14-days to respond before seeking legal action. But I was wondering what are the differences between Moneyclaim and the courts? Are there any differences between the two routes? Is one faster than the other? On a separate note, I kept all my info including scanned images of the letters I sent, the banks response and a breakdown of my charges, on a data stick. Whilst slightly under the influence on friday night, I left my bag, including data stick, in the back of a taxi. The mini-cab company say they've not had the bag handed in. Moral of the story, if you're keeping the information on a data stick, keep a back up on your hard drive. I didn't and need to recalculate my charges again!!!!
  14. Hi Bill, I can't believe that they've not responded. I guess you have a number of options. There is a telephone number on the contact list, which deals with Data Protection Requests. I called them, and they put me through to another department. Once I spoke to them, the information was supplied the next day. Try 0121 633 5411. You could register a complaint with Information Commissioner's Office. ICO – Information Commissioner's Office. They have a telephone number on the website call them, they were helpful when I spoke to them. However, my information was supplied and didn't register a complaint. You could also seek help from the courts to gain the information. I'm not sure how this works. Don't dispair, I imagine seeking the courts help or filing a complaint with the ICO, will strengthen your claim when you seek to recover your penalties. I'm not sure what is the situation with regards to seeking damages or distress. I believe damages do not need to be solely financial. Goodluck.
  15. Thanks, sorry about the threads, I will visit old posts in future, rather than start new posts.
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