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  1. Creations also sent my partner a letter AFTER the CCJ had been requested wiping off some of the balance BUT this was never deducted from the balance. I have tried to upload the files but not having much luck.
  2. No unfortunately only my phone but will get my son to help me send the file tomorrow. I can't understand why they are acting as if its not a CCJ
  3. yes I have copies of the defence and witness statement. What I will do is sit down tomorrow and copy all documents to my phone first then transfer to PDF - it will be quite a hefty file though:) I remember at the time just not being able to cope with it all so I just accepted the payments even though it looks like the right hand of creation didn't know what the left was doing and it looks like that still the case today ! Again thank you your help and advise is really appreciated
  4. So the letter from Drydens dated Decemeber 2014 has a " General form of judgement order "attached dated 12 November 2014. Really confused it may take a while for me to upload but will give it a go
  5. Right have found all the paperwork, the final balance was £7543.08 in April 2012 . We refused to a pay due to high interest and high payments that we could not afford . This then increased to £11876.50 when it went to court , costs were also added of £1937 in December 2014. As we had been speaking to the FCA we did not realise it had still gone to court so our defence was struck out. I have also found a letter from Creations dated 27 Nov 2014 where they had reduced the balance to £6686.18 which makes no sense as by then the court costs had been added. Dryden were the original people we were paying as I have found their letter from December 2014 , so confused
  6. Exactly that the final debt balance was £6000 or just under the rest were court costs. We did use to withdraw cash balances as you are correct it was a credit card too. I have just found a letter from Dryden dated 20 March 2020 saying "Arrow wrote to you recently to inform you that they have acquired your account and this debt has been assigned to them from creation" this included an income and expenditure form that we ignored. This has confused me as I thought the CCJ had always been with Arrow !!! I'll have to try and find the rest of the paper work now. Creation are saying that our formal arrangement had expired and we need to make a new one - we ignored this at the time.
  7. Thanks so much for your advise it really is appreciated No still at the same address. My only worry is if we stopped paying the debt is now still over £10,000 and we have a mortgage with my partner not working at the moment that is a massive concern.
  8. Hi dx and thank you so much for replying:) Original debt was an Adams store card we were paying for years way back at least 10 years ago we fell into financial difficulties we asked to pay creations lower payments they agreed then a year later doubled the interest. We stopped paying and went to the FCA my partner then received court papers through the door, I can not remember the year but this was quite a few years ago. we believed the court case would not go ahead as we were contesting the balance -it still went to court and the balance doubled. As we were going through quite a bit of stress at the time we just filled out the paperwork and were then sent the paperwork for the CCJ judgement of £30 pr mth we have never missed a payment Is it best to not overpay and just stick to £30?
  9. Hoping someone knowledgeable can help me . My partner has a CCJ for several years now, the court set the instalments at £30PCM that we have always paid in fact some months we overpay just to try and clear it quicker. Quite a while ago we received a letter from Dryden Fairfax to advise the debt had been passed to them from Arrow Global and they would like the payments to increase to £50. We ignored this as its a CCJ , my way of thinking the payments can not be reviewed . This month for the first time in ages only £30 was paid two days before the due date of the 28th April. A letter was received dated the 7th May 2021 saying the payment due on the 28th April had been missed and we have failed to maintain the payments. We rang Drydens who said in Feb 2020 we had agreed to increase the payments to £50 therefore £30 was not enough (even though at least two months of 2020 we only paid £30) We are now worried as my partner is not currently working the outstanding balance is quite high can they claim the CCJ has been defaulted if the court agreed instalments have been maintained? As you can imagine this has made us both very anxious.
  10. Hoping you can help us before we go round the bend. My partner took out a loan with Barclays bank in June 2005 and was told unless he took PPI at the same time that he could not have the loan. Then we heard about the miss selling of these loans and I wrote a letter on his behalf in December 2006 asking for the PPI to be cancelled as it was mis sold. My partner was told that he could only have PPI taken off if he took out another loan which he did, the new loan extended the length of the repayments by 4 months and he never got a penny back. He was made redundant in Jan 2009 and struggled to keep up the loan payments, now they have passed on to the banks collection department. In October 2008 he had a letter from Barclays to say that the loan account number was being changed, don't know of this is connected. Where do we go from here and do we have a case for getting out monet back?
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