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  1. Hi diamondgirl Thanks for this. We do have legal representation. We are approaching the discovery phase but the Respondent's are playing hard to get and have attacked the procedure. There is a new procedure that is called Judicial Mediation and if the parties go to JM then Tribunal proceedings potentially are stayed pending the medication. The tactic they have used to date is to delay (for months in a legal delaying way and by barefaced lying directly before solicitors were involved) just to get to JM. If it goes to JM they will try and negotiate out but without disclosing the docum
  2. Supasnooper Thanks for this. I am aware of their legal duties under the FOIA. I did this many months ago but they just ignore it. They say I am vexatious, which is not the case. After they said this there was a request to provide them with specific requests, which I complied with and hitherto documents were disclosed which had previously been hidden, so much for being vexatious!! They did disclose policies (and I found info on the web on official government sites to back it up too) that told me of the daily, weekly etc back ups. They say that they cannot disclose as even their archiv
  3. Hi hope someone out there can help and answer a query. Briefly, my wife is sick having been bullied. She is being asked to change her contract. She works permanent nights because she is a carer to me and her mother. We have both serious disabilities. There has been a very lengthy grievance where we believe the Trust have forged emails and documents. We even know the file names of some of these. The Trust have consistently refused to disclose a verifiable audit trail of the said documents, presumably because it will prove their criminality. Even the IT people have said that a verifia
  4. Hi everyone 1st time on the site and 1st post. I received a ticket for parking beyond 4pm on a loading bay. The bay had exemption for disabled, which I am. I correctly displayed the blue badge. The ticket was issued from a camera. I mistakenly paid the ticket as I thought they were right but later discovered I had a general exemption for 3 hours during the whole of the time of enforcement. I have asked for my money back but TFL and the parking appeal service say that I accepted the fine and they can't do anything about it.!!! In essence they made a mistake in issuing the ticket and
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