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  1. Hello all I have (after a lot of decision making!) decided to claim back my "illegal" bank charges from Lloydstsb. I have been reading many of the threads here and on the moneysavingexpert. com website and I have to be honest am quiet discouraged by the lengths Lloyds are going too in order to dispute the charges. You would think that by loosing so many cases they would be more agreeable. I have got a list of all the charges from my internet account and am now sending the first letter today. Does anyone have any advice to keep my spirits up? Thank you
  2. Just a quick hello too everyone out there. I am just beginning to take on Lloydstsb for the "illegal" charges they have levied on my accounts. However, I understand that Lloyds is one of the worse banks for getting your money back and some of the horror stories are nerve racking. Fingers crossed!
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