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  1. hi , just an up date , I'm sure your advice will remain the same but just to check. it looks like Wetcloths have found the cca on the loan (see attached letter) does this change anything in regards to being chased for the debt? also, on the second photo from a different letter (received a couple of weeks ago) the amounts circled in green don't add up? any ideas why? I could call them but I don't really want to contact them at the moment. cheers again guys, I do really appreciate your responses. wetcloths CCA
  2. I'm just worried about endless threatening letters and phone calls...and lloyds getting involved. I know its easy for some but I find ignoring them very stressful.
  3. I value this sites and your advice. I couldn't add to the old thread so started a new one. I have done what you have suggested, sent CCA, sar (I got interest and charges taken off) The only thing I haven't done is ignored them and stopped paying. That's because it scares me and stresses me out! I'd rather offer them a settlement, or for them to acknowledge its over! I didn't mean to offend you..
  4. I guess I'm worried because it's taken me years for my credit score to go back up. Apparently Wetcloths are still acting on behalf of lloyds and haven't bought the debt.
  5. thanks for your replies it was consolidated when passed to Wescots so it must be two separate debts still, although wescots haven't broken it down into two separate accounts, so I don't know what is owed on each. I did ask for a SAR in 2006, and interest was taken off. are you saying I should request another SAR? I don't think i've been paying interest.
  6. Hi, I have a current account debt and loan account debt both with LLyods (original default and debt from 2005 £11k), they have been consolidated into one debt and I now owe £3729.21 after paying £40 a month for 15 years!! I asked for SAR and CCA back in 2006 which they sent me and deducted charges and interest from the debt. The debt has been handled by Wescot Credit Services for most of that time. I realise I could of stopped paying and it would of been statute barred years ago! but I chose to try and pay it off. however, I now think I have
  7. Hi all, I had a default on loan and overdraft with LLoyds Bank in 2006, around £11k was passed to Allied DCA i paid £40 a month until 2012 when Wescot took on the account, I have been paying £40 a month ever since. i now owe £3729. I just spoke to Wescot, they have sent the odd letter over the years but this is the first time I've spoken to them. They said they are still working on behalf of lloyds and haven't 'Bought' the debt. i have asked them to go back to LLyods and see what they can offer as a settlement. firstly I'm s
  8. Thanks Andy the dca is wescot credit services, I have never asked them for a copy of the loan agreement. I'm worried about the credit report because the letter says 'please note if you chose to repay your account by a settlement this will be recorded on your credit file as being partialy satisfied but you will not need to pay the remaining balance. This information will remain on your credit file for 6 years from the date of default ' I'm guessing because the default was over 6 years ago it won't be added? How low can I offer to settle? Cheers.
  9. hi, i have a very old debt from a lloyds account and loan (in 2001 and for £10k) it was handed over to a Debt Collection Agency in approx 2004 i have paid 40 pound a month ever since. o ut of the blue the DCA has sent me a letter saying i can offer an amount to pay it off. two questions , will they except a low offer? and will it appear on my credit score if i start negotiating/paying it off? its taken me years for it to finally be off my credit report and i dont want it reappearing! thanks for your help. chris
  10. It was a very slow growing tumour, that had not d Spread at all. I'm going to ask consultant for a letter, I hope he can do that for me and he doesn't refuse. They did quote 20 a month to start with and then jumped to 40, I asked them to reconsider and then they said "actually we think we've been too generous and we are now going to refuse cover full stop". A want to see their reasons in writing really..
  11. I didn't have any insurance at the time. In fact I've never had any, I'm only getting it now because I buying a house for the first time. I'm going to try a few other insurers but I'm not hopeful..
  12. Thanks so much for replying. They first quoted me a high rate, I then asked them to reconsider, I tried to explain about my illness and that it was over 17 years ago. They then came back to me and said they couldn't offer any cover at all! I'm going to ask my consultant to write a letter. I'll look at Ifa's too. Im so upset by it, I get that it's all abiut risk but I feel like I'm being discriminated for having had cancer!
  13. Hi all, I have been refused life and income insurance by legal and General after they rejected me based on my medical report. I had cancer 17 years ago, not an aggressive tumor and my consultant is positive it will never come back. It was a very rare tumor and only a specialist consultant would know the details. Basically they have took one look at my report and refused me. Can I appeal? Can I request to see their report (not my medical records but why they refused me) Can anyone recommend an insurance company? Thankyou!!
  14. Hi, I'm in the same boat. How did you sort it?
  15. I took th readings myself but have since mislaid them. £800 pound for the year plus £31 per month, they say they have estimated the £31 but if they were £800 off that is not a very good estimation! I'm not sure if there's anything I can do?
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